Nygren Re-Cycles Primary Ad

In the primary election, McHenry County Sheriff ran an ad listing all the people who have filled the office under the slogan,

The Proud Tradition Continues

I took a photo of the spring ad in the Northwest Herald. It’s pretty much the same as this past Friday’s, except, I would image the election date has been changed.

Primary election ad for Keith Nygren.


Nygren Re-Cycles Primary Ad — 9 Comments




  2. If voting for a violent felon to be Sheriff is a good idea then Mahon is your man. I’m surprised the Democrats still support this woman hating, 15 year old girl attacking, near rapist. It doesn’t help anyone to be so partisan you’ll support this lunatic in the election. If the Democrats slowly backed away from Mahon and exited the room quietly we could all get back to the courtroom where this should all play out, not in the streets with our women and children at risk from Mahon. Stop the partisanship and protect The People. Keep Mahon out of office and then get to business.

  3. Priest, your comments have and continue to come very close if not crossing the line of libel. Mahon is not a felon. He has never had any claims of violent behavior. Attacking a 15 year old girl? A comment taken out of context is hardly attack or create a near rapist. You are a sick man if you can twist the truth against someone who is actually honest in favor for a man like Nygren. What will you say on the 3rd when Nygren’s illegal activities are made public? Or maybe your fear is that your own involvement will become public? He will not be going down alone, and you know it.

    Your comments, lies, and total blabber in most cases show your desperation. Mahon is a good man. Something that cannot be said about Nygren. Say what you will about Mahon, but his drinking never caused the death of his own child. What were you told about that missing child? Hummm???? More lies? It is probably pretty hard to keep them all straight. That is why you ramble the way you do?

  4. Priest you must be running scared?

    Your “POSSE” is a bunch of thughs.

    A bunch of loud mouths with no brains, who follow Keith around like little puppets.

    Beat you chest some more for a few more days because Mahon will win and I can’t wait to see you all behind bars.

    I just hope no more of you step in front of a train because jail is where you should all be.

  5. You presume FAR too much Sara.

    Enoughalready, that’s one. You get one pass from me. If you can’t offer a cogent argument or thought keep your ignorance to yourself. There are many here interested in the comments who are grown up enough to argue without attacking intent. Try harder.

    Mr. Mahon is an AWFUL alternative to the current Sheriff. If you want an alternative then offer one. Do not offer a NEAR RAPIST who was accused of SEXUAL HARASSMENT and the Appellate Court of Illinois found his advances on the 15 YEAR OLD GIRL to be so violent they weren’t able to be considered sexual in nature. This is the hallmark of a SOCIOPATH, not a Sheriff or even a candidate for the Sheriff’s Office. I am neither desperate, nor do I have a dog in this fight. I merely will not accept a child molester wanna be or a man who attacks a wife of a rival at his job to get back at the rival to be a reasonable alternative to ANYONE. Even Nygren.

    I don’t even consider Mr. Mahon worthy of being called a “man”. Neither do any other men I know. Mr. Mahon should have peacefully kept his woman hating, child attacking felonious behavior out of the public eye and he could have hidden in Lake in the Hills forever. Now that he’s “out” there are many of us family men watching him to make certain our children stay FAR away from him.

  6. Priest,

    Your desperation is showing. You must be quite worried.

    Mike has never committed a felony.

    Mike has never threatened, attempted, or been accused of raping anyone.

    He had a DUI half a lifetime ago, when he was practically a kid.

    That is all you have, so you keep throwing out the same dirt trying to make it more than it is.

    There are hours and hours worth of tapes, documentation, receipts showing Nygren’s illegal activity.

    How you can compare the two just show that you are a lier who benefits from Nygren’s behavior.

    I have copied your libelous posts and saved them in the event there is a lawsuit.

    Shouldn’t you be out stealing signs or threatening old women for Nygren?

  7. I do not compare the two. To compare the two would be an insult to the democratic process. Mr. Mahon would have to be a legitimate contender to even bother doing a comparison. This is the type of idiocy I have been fighting against from the very first time I came to this little blog site. I am NOT asking people to compare the two but consider the fact Mr. Mahon isn’t even qualified to shine your shoes Sara. I have given you every opportunity to grow up and get a position but you insist on showing everyone who reads these comments your unreal stupidity. You insist on presuming intent on the part of all who take what you perceive to be a contrary position to your personal hate. You are the problem with our democratic process. When you can’t win in the theatre of ideas you try to threaten and whine and cry. Have your tantrum with Mr. Thirtyacre and Mr. McKenna at the children’s table. You neither impress with your ideas nor do you even attempt to hide your lack of understanding.

    Here, save this. Mike Mahon is a child molester wanna be with violent sociopathic tendencies and a narcissistic personality. Mike Mahon has been found guilty of such violent acts he had to pay the Cook County Sheriff $5000.00 to keep from being charged with violent crimes. His corruption is so ingrained into who Mr. Mahon is as a person and a professional he actually thinks this payoff is normal and customary in the line of duty. His felonious activity has been both documented and commented on in the Appellate Court of Illinois whose only higher authority in the State is the Supreme Court. Mr. Mahon cannot approach men to have a conversation so he attacks women and their children(also commented on in the official final brief by the Appellate Court of Illinois). Mr. Mahon is a coward, a liar, a cheat, a civil rights violator, a human rights violator, a corrupt politician, a woman abuser, a child abuser and a destroyer of your credibility, Sara.

    I don’t have a clue why a woman would even attempt to defend this person except I’ve met many women who have been beaten horrifically who defend their abusers. I will offer you what I haven’t offered to Mr. McKenna or Mr. Thirtyacre. If you want to choose a mental hospital to treat your personal psychosis after identifying with your abuser I will make certain there is a bed and a great counselor waiting for you. Otherwise, put on your dunce cap and sit in the corner while the adults protect the county at the polls and in the courts.

  8. This is really a riot! Someone has their panties in a snit, don’t they? “Priest” did you ever bother to ask Nygren what really happened to that child? Humm? Or are you one who helped cover it up?

    Your comments show your ignorance. You really think you are making a difference in your desperate attempts to spread your hatred and lies? You are just showing what a low life you really are. I assure you that we are all giggling at your desperate attempts to save your sinking ship. Looking forward to celebrating you and your buddies being full time residents at the Nygren House of Ill Repute. Now I know why you chose the user name Priest. You seem to have an obsession with molesting children. Must be why you sit in front of the computer all day. Looks like you will be on the receiving end soon enough. Remember what I said about the soap.

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