Republican Tsunami Could Sweep Joe Walsh Past Melissa Bean

Illinois-based polling firm WeAskAmerica is presenting the results of Sunday polling.

Joe Walsh speaks to Republicans at GOP Rally in Crystal Lake.

The most astounding finding is that 8th Congressional District Republican candidate Joe Walsh is leading Melissa Bean 49%-45%. No “undecideds” were allowed.

Even Green Party candidate Bill Scheurer has a reason to be happy.

He’s getting over the five percentage points needed to make his party an established party, which means the Greens would not have to get many signatures to get on the ballot for local races.

“The most intriguing result to us Illinois 8. Since 2004, Democrat Melissa Bean has repeatedly proved to be a winner in this district which many consider to be the most Republican-leaning area from the last redistricting. Bean defeated beleaguered Congressman Phil Crane to win the seat, and has held on since.  This time out she ran a late, but aggressive and expensive campaign against Republican Joe Walsh who did not have the resources to respond.

“Almost as intriguing is Illinois 14, where cerebral Democrat Bill Foster dwarfed Republican Randy Hultgren in spending. Hultgren’s plow-horse response, though, may be enough to win the day in the district that was formerly held by Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert.”

Below are the polling results for all the races covered in Illinois.

Illinois 8 Melissa Bean (D) 45.74%
773 responses Joe Walsh (R) 48.72%
Bill Scheurer (G) 5.54%
Illinois 10 Dan Seals (D) 45.51%
861 responses Robert Dold (R) 54.49%
Illinois 11 Debbie Halvorson (D) 44.90%
829 responses Adam Kinzinger (R) 55.10%
Illinois 14 Bill Foster (D) 45.34%
784 responses Randy Hultgren (R) 50.38%
Dan Kairis (G) 4.21%
Illinois 17 Phil Hare (D) 43.74%
1,103 responses Bobby Schilling (R) 51.77%
Roger Davis (G) 4.49%

This explanation is offered:

“All of the following automated polls were conducted on Sunday, October 31. All calls were made to likely voters. Margins of error are all around 3%. In the final week’s polls, we do not offer an opportunity to selected “undecided” as an option.

“If our numbers are wrong in any given race, it’s because we’ve failed in an honest effort to measure public opinion, not because someone cooked the books.”


Republican Tsunami Could Sweep Joe Walsh Past Melissa Bean — 10 Comments

  1. Ahhh……………..can you begin to smell the sweet smell of VICTORY?

    The Walsh Warriors have put up a valiant fight and their efforts may soon pay off. We learned yesterday that the Democrats have put $1 Million into Get Out The Vote efforts in Illinois which means Paid Union Poll Watchers…..

  2. The details behind the data is important. How about sharing the breakdown of who was called. This smells of SPIN.

  3. Cal,

    Great information and article…NY TIMES…is clueless and crying about what has happened to their LIBERAL/PROGRESSIVE/SOCIALIST agenda.

    Chris Matthews is even complaining that the thrill that ran up his leg…is now running down the back of his pants!


  4. I was with Joe Walsh this morning (with 5 others) in Crystal Lake …and many commuters were licking their chops, at the chance to vote and send Washington DC a loud and clear message. START PACKING!

    Joe then went to Barrington to join his wife, who was campaigning for him there.

  5. Beans liberal Pelosi voting and ignoring the 8th district, will cost her.

    Looking forward to Joe Walsh’s victory party tomorrow.

  6. Note the margin of error in the meaningless NY Times data – 7%.

    That basically means that, almost regardless of the outcome, they can claim to have been within the margin of error.

    It also assumes, as in regression analysis, that past trends can forecast the future.

    Things have changed.

    They are completely out of touch with the facts on the ground – almost as clueless as Melissa Bean has been over the last two years.

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