Jack Franks Gets Last Minute Contributions

During the last thirty days of an election, candidates are supposed to report contributions of over $500 within two days.

Here’s what Jack Franks got toward the end.

Take a look:

Peck Bloom Austriaco & Koenig gave $1,000

Peck Bloom Austriaco & Koenig, a law firm contributed a last minute $1,000.

The Democratic Party contibuted $5,897.94 for printing 3-4 mailers.

= = = = =

It would seem to me they would know the number of mail pieces they printed.


Jack Franks Gets Last Minute Contributions — 4 Comments

  1. Speaking of last minute contributions, I see Mahjong accepted a cool grand from The Teamsters! Hey hey!!

  2. It is unlikely that more than$3,000 was spent. That’s the threshold for reporting.

  3. Victory Party:
    Frank’s victory party will be held at his fathers crawl space in Marengo. Admission
    is $13,000,000,000.

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