Sun-Times, AP Notice Close 8th District Race

Joe Walsh was clapping in the Johnsburg parade. Now it appears he has something else to clap about.

It didn’t happen until after the polls closed, but, hey, you take what you can get.

The Chicago Sun-Times has finally noticed that there was a hot race out here in the boonies.

It and the other mainstream media enablers wouldn’t criticize Melissa Bean for refusing to hold town meetings last summer on health care reform.

They refused to criticize her dodge and duck approach to campaigning.

They wouldn’t remind voters that she was campaigning exactly the same way that Republican Phil Crane did when she defeated him six years ago.

And they certainly wouldn’t endorse someone who said he was part of the Tea Party movement.

Much too radical for little liberals to even notice.

Until now.

Well, better late than never.

The Sun-Times headline mentions Bean is “in a nail-biter.”

Somehow I don’t think Joe Walsh is a nail-biter.

Melissa Bean and her supporters, some all the way from Maryland, I don’t know.

Well, it’s time for bed.

At 1:30 AM, Joe Walsh is leading Melissa Bean by 797 votes out of 198,887 counted thus far.

96,636 for Walsh to 95,839 for Bean.

Green Party candidate Bill Scheurer garnered 6,412 votes.

Add Scheurer’s to Bean’s and she would be a clear winner.

Now, I notice that Associated Press had decided to venture out of Downtown Chicago and decided the 8th District is worth noticing:

A fifth Illinois race – between Democratic U.S. Rep. Melissa Bean and Republican Joe Walsh in Illinois’ 8th congressional district – remained unexpectedly too close call early Wednesday.


Sun-Times, AP Notice Close 8th District Race — 6 Comments

  1. Or add Scheurer’s to Walsh’s and he would be a clear winner. Or add either Walsh’s or Bean’s to Scheurer’s, and HE would be the clear winner!

  2. //Or add Scheurer’s to Walsh’s and he would be a clear winner.//

    What, you think people who vote for the green party would gladly give their vote to the republican party? I think it’s the other way around.

    Also, I love how the blog owner is trying to insinuate that “the 8th district has decisively spoken against bean”. Well forgive me for bringing math into it math, but when is 50% a majority? It sounds more like HALF of the district has spoken for Walsh. The other half wanted Bean.

  3. Also Mr. McHenry County blogger, I like it how you “stand up for democracy” on your blog, but fail to approve comments that don’t fit with your views.

    So you’ll make all kinds of rage against people being anti-freedom, but you yourself limit people’s free speech on your blog. Pretty hypocritical if you ask me.

    Gee, I think I might just take some snapshots and blog about this myself..

  4. More like HALF the district has spoken against Bean. The rest don’t know better.

  5. You approved the comments, thank you, I stand corrected.

    Regard the content of this blog, while I mostly do not agree with it, I encourage of multiple viewpoints, and am happy at least that you’re taking the time to make your viewpoints known. However, I do ask of bloggers that they uphold their principles when it comes to criticism of themselves because it’s easy to try and silence dissent in order to make your viewpoint look impeccable.

    But if any of us do that, we’re the same as any dishonest politician. So again, thank you for approving my comments even though they go against the grain of this blog.

    Also to respond to the latest comment:

    //More like HALF the district has spoken against Bean. The rest don’t know better.//

    That is an unnecessarily inflammatory statement.

    Correct me if I am wrong, but I think many conservatives are of the opinion that they’re in the overwhelming majority and represent the overwhelming majority of Americans. True this election saw a slim majority of conservative votes, but in many of the upset races, the totals were close to 50/50 which says that conservatives represent potentially slightly more than half the voters. However, do note that the other half is NOT conservative, rather they are independent or liberal. And you can’t just write half your constituency off as “stupid idiots” – that’s what lost this election for the dems.

    So as the conservatives go on to represent America, they should well keep the fact that not everyone thinks like them, that they are representing everyone, and that they have a civic duty to listen and work with even the constituency that disagrees with them. Do not make the mistake of taking this election as “everyone agrees with the right, and the right will make all the correct choices to change America” because that’s NOT true, and you’ll meet the same fate as the dems did in this election if you just write the other half off as “stupid” and ignore them.

    Rather, be true leaders and make that you’re representing the true wants of your constituency, even if they didn’t vote for you. It’s your civic duty.

    Sincerely yours,
    Left-Center Independent Frank

  6. Left-Center Independent Frank wrote: “You approved the comments, thank you,…”

    You user name/comments are not linking back to a blog of your own but almost all blog sites are moderated before any comments get approved and show up. Depending on the administrators schedule, this can sometimes take several hours or even overnight. Many of us set our comment approval to ‘allow’ future comments by a poster once their initial comment has been approved. Just an FYI

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