Walsh Sends Email

WGN-TV recognised Joe Walsh is ahead. From this graphic one might guess that Melissa Bean would have won if Green Party candidate Bill Scheurer had not been in the race.

As the mainstream media begins to figure out that Joe Walsh may have actually beaten Melissa Bean, Walsh has sent out the following email:

Dear Friends:

Thank you all for staying up so late last night. Victory is at hand. After counting up the remaining Cook County ballots today, we have a lead that is insurmountable. We are waiting for our opponent to acknowledge that.

God Bless and you will hear back from us very soon.

Here are the returns from all of the precincts, reported between 9 and 10 PM:

These results show a 553 vote lead for Joe Walsh.


Walsh Sends Email — 3 Comments

  1. for how much i can’t stand republicans, i can’t stand bean that much more

    she has never deserved reelection and hope she finally loses and cedes the race

    then in 2012, we can replace the person who wants a more intrusive government to come between two concenting adults and who they may want to marry, who wants wants the government to help you to enjoy your freedom by removing medical remedies a rape victim may need, who wants to make the government smaller by keeping the hundreds and hundreds of bases all over the world and spending hundreds of billions every keeping us at war, and don’t ask him if he believes that socialistic veterans administration and their penchant of having the taxpayers pay the costs of all those wounded in the wars he wants to keep going, please

    remember, the millionairs and billionairs need their tax cuts, you don’t need your next meal or rent payment if you are out of work, the haves and have mores need to be able to have their cake and not allow you to eat it, and if off-shoring jobs allows them more take-home pay, then so be it, joe’s our man, and republicans have shown that deregulation doesn’t result in catastophic economic melt downs and the worst envrionmental damage this country has ever seen, just see what’s coming down the road the next two years, sheer heavan and bliss

    just hope you make your income off a general services account number, it’s the only way to make the mass transfer of wealth from the taxpayers to the select few possible

  2. Wouldn’t you think that all the news media that ‘claim’ to cover Melissa Bean throughout her last six years would at least have and USE an up-to-date photo? It’s been years since she wore her hair short. Maybe they need to come out of their Bean bunkers and take some fresh photos to replace their current dusty stock photo files.

    Good news that the Cook County precincts have been counted since that would be the place to worry about (Palatine being the exception).

  3. // we can replace the person who wants a more intrusive government//

    Yes, meet the new boss Joe Walsh, same as the old boss.

    He will find ways to intrude in people’s lives the same as the dems did, just the way that the republicans do.

    He, like the dems, will find ways to overspend, just in the ways that tea party republicans will find to overspend.

    He, like Obama, claims “radical change”, but just with the tea party. And he, just like the dems, will leave a lot of promises unfulfilled and a lot of people bitter. Can’t wait for my taxes to go up under the tea party instead of the dems.

    You have a lot of work to do Joe Walsh to prove that your worth anything. However, your own personal financial problems do not inspire me to think you will surprise me.

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