Message of the Day – Spent

I’ve been raking every day this week.

My village of Lakewood isn’t as advanced as it used to be about 1980 when Vueglar’s would bring its sucker-upper truck to remove the leaves from the edge of the streets.

I adapted by accumulating containers to put the leaves in.

When I was told this year that contractor MDC was requiring them to be put in bags, I was so incensed that I considered running for village board. (Anyone who wants to include bringing back “rake your leaves to the edge of the street and we’ll do the rest” in his or her platform for village board will have my enthusiastic support.)

Some may be motivated strongly by the potential taxpayer expense involved with the proposed SportsPlex, but my hot button issue this year is leaves…more specifically being forced to put them in bags.

Twenty-five of those accursed bags for this day's pickup.

Twenty-five of those accursed bags for this day’s pickup.

What I dislike most is having to bag other people’s leaves that end up along the public right-of-way along Lake Avenue. Today I filled over 20 bags of them.

I wonder what the village would do if I just left them there.

But, back to the “Message of the Day.”

Here’s a balloon I found while raking.

All of the air or helium has leaked out of this red balloon. I think it says, "Gymboree, Play & Music."

It is spent, just like I am.


Message of the Day – Spent — 5 Comments

  1. How does more government employees lead to providing less service?

    If the leaves ended up in the middle of the street what would the village do?

    Probably form a committee to establish a commission to review the matter.
    After first calling a town hall meeting to gather input.

  2. I’ve got a mulching blade on my mower so I’ve always mowed the leaves several times at the end of the season to get rid of them and turn them into next years mulch and grass nutrients. However, this year I was at a big box store and decided I would buy a 2-speed Homelite blower/vacuum,mulcher that was on sale for $29.95. I thought it would be handy to clean my gutters with since it wasn’t one of those gigantic gas-driven ones.

    I also found it handy to clear my 150 foot driveway, easement, and sidewalk rather than mulching and leaving a mess on those surfaces. The first day I was using it as a mulcher, I was merrily doing my thing and emptying the full bag on my garden area. Then a delivery driver stopped and got out of his truck to ask me if it was a vacuum. I told him what it was at which time he said I hadn’t closed the zipper back up and everything was blowing out behind me. I said to him ‘Guess that explains why the bag wasn’t getting heavy very fast anymore”. That bag is already in need of a Levi type iron-on patch where the leaves and branches have already created a hole where they first enter the bag under extreme force.

    See you in the fabric section!

  3. Cal – Maybe all of us will pay to have your leaves removed!

    Just spend some of that FAT state pension you collect off the backs of the hard working Illinois taxpayers.

  4. I thank taxpayers for my pension every time someone brings it up.

    thank, c. kay.

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