McHenry County Libertarian Party to Close Shop

Before Dave Brady moved to Wonder Lake, local Libertarians identified with the Fox Valley Libertarian chapter. It met and meets in northern Kane County.

With McHenry County being such a large county, Brady, from Pennsylvania, thought an independent party could be developed.

It was.

The McHenry County Libertarian Party County Fair booth featured jars with labels bearing various attitudes about government into which people could place tokens.

Each year the party had a McHenry County Fair Booth.

Monthly meetings were held.

But attendance at meetings was rarely over 20 and most members were not willing to assist financially.

The result was the spark plug family of Francine and Dave Brady decided to withdraw from the local party.

Since no one has stepped forward to pick up the leadership role, the party will stop holding monthly meetings.

What McHenry County presence that will remain is described in the email below:

“Thomas Tripp will be handling LP McHenry moving forward.

“The website is and can be found also at  The email address is (but this could change).

“You can still find (it) on facebook and myspace.”

The Bradys still intend to remain active Libertarian Party members.


McHenry County Libertarian Party to Close Shop — 2 Comments

  1. Brady family are getting smarter, Thomas Tripp is not that smart, were is that great person Gus at? is he still trying to find that little red volkswagon?
    are is he still counting his nickels?

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