Walsh Holds Post-Bean Concession Press Conference – Part 1

McHenry County Tea Party co-sponsored this candidates' night that Melissa Bean did not attend. Congressman Don Manzullo applauds something Joe Walsh said.

So, what’s a Congressman-elect’s first press conference like?

For Joe Walsh’s, I was allowed to listen in and even ask questions, if I wished. My fingers tried to keep up with Walsh. What follows is what I got down.

“I am pleased that all of the votes in the 8th district were counted,” Walsh started out. I think I heard that from Melissa Bean before the absentee ballots were tallied.

He told of Bean’s having called last night and “very graciously congratulat(ing) me for winning the race.

“I am grateful for each and every person who volunteered, the TEA Party people, the Regular Republicans, the folks have sent me off to Washington.

‘They want a more responsible government (for us to) stop borrowing against our kids’ future

“I am anxious to personally thank everyone one who helped achieve this (victory).”

He spoke of there being a “terribly resolute Republican Freshman Class. We are incredibly resolute in what we want to do.”

A reporter asked about what committee assignments he was seeking.

Walsh said he had a “keen inter in small business.” Walsh served on the Small Business Committee.

He also said he wanted to be “part of a process that can really lead a discussion on entitlement reform.

“Put everyone at the table in doing what needs to be done to address these issues. There are a lot of proposals out there.

“Everyone is going to have to give on Social Security and Medicare reform.

A Bloomberg News reporter asked about the upcoming Cancun, Mexico, climate negotiations.

Walsh characterized the subject as “An area we need to lead on. There are questions on the certainty, the uncertainty of climate change. The science needs to continue to be flushed out.”

Walsh said, “Our economic interests have to be first and foremost.

“Cap and Trade was a big issue in my district.”

He was worried about taxing “our business and communities.

“We need to look for energy independence.

“The science is not definitive out there.

“Right now people are hurting. The unemployment rate (in my district) is almost 11%.

“People have lost more homes this year than last year.

“That’s got to be the focus of this session. Get our economy growing again.”

More tomorrow.


Walsh Holds Post-Bean Concession Press Conference – Part 1 — 4 Comments

  1. First order of business should be repealing or defunding Obamacare.

    That’s why I supported, contributed to and lobbied my friends and family to vote for Joe Walsh. And, I suspect that was the primary reason lots of other folks in the 8th District voted for him as well

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