A Day in Zane Seipler’s Court Case Against Sheriff Keith Nygren – Part 3

Zane Seipler

Part 1 and Part 2 of my day in Magistrate P. Michael Mahoney’s Rockford courtroom last Friday have run previously.

The attorney representing three deputies involved in the Pavlin court case sought to have his clients exempted from deposition questioning by Blake Horowitz, the attorney for former McHenry County Deputy Sheriff Zane Seipler in his wrongful termination suit.

Magistrate Mahoney seemed to be leaning toward allowing the three to be question as we left the last installment.

The deputies attorney in the Pavlin case makes his rebuttal by saying, “He said the Sheriff investigated and they were exonerated.

“They’ve already said under oath they didn’t involve in racial profiling.”

“There are about 1,000 documents,” Horwitz pointed out. The number “700” also came up.

“My request is five hours, your’s four hours,” the Magistrate said.

“That would be something,” Mahoney observed before saying, “I’ll give you two hours.”

The three deputies’ attorney mentioned that he represented Sergeant Pyle in the Pavlin case and that he had already been deposed.

Discussion then moved onto blogs.

“Did this guy create this blog that said, ‘F you?’” asked Mahoney.

“The blog is relevant to show the mindset. Is the Sergeant either one of these two?”

James Sotos, representing McHenry County’s and McHenry County Sheriff Keith Nygren’s interests, stepped in.

“No, not to my knowledge.”

“I’ve asked in interrogatory (written questions to a potential witness) and haven’t gotten an answer,” Horwitz said.

“Was the deposition set?” the Magistrate asked.

“Yes, then, a protection order,” replied Horwitz.

I missed a bit because people were talking too fast or their voices were too low.

“Why would I care about that?” was asked by Mahoney, I think.

“Why (is it) relevant as part of the conspiracy?” Mahoney added.

“Employees are stigmatized,” Horwitz said. “You can’t stigmatize a man more than the words on this blog.”

“They hate each other,” Sotos offered without admitting who wrote the blog.

“”If he is a witness in the case, it is relevant,” the Magistrate concluded.

“It doesn’t matter if he is prejudiced.”

The Pavlin case attorney then said, “I think Zane Seipler is a perjurer and a liar and shouldn’t be a Sheriff’s Deputy.” I suppose he was quoting one of his clients.

“Tell me how this fits into the law suit other than…they haven’t said to you,” Mahoney said.

“Pyle had said my client’s allegations are false,” Horwitz replied.

More tomorrow.

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