Hot Time at Harvard High


Harvard Police report that one student set another’s hair on fire on Tuesday.

Here’s how the Harvard Police Department put it:

Child Endangerment

On 11-16-10 at 1314 hrs a Harvard Youth (m/14 yoa) was arrested at Harvard High School, 1103 N Jefferson St, after lighting another student’s hair on fire; the other student did not sustain injury. The youth was petitioned to Court Services and released to a parent.

When I talked to a police officer, I discovered a boy tried to light a girl’s hair on fire.


Hot Time at Harvard High — 2 Comments

  1. I don’t know the background here or the magnitude of the incident, but am compelled to ask: Was it really necessary to involve the police?

    I guess gone forever are the days when differences were resolved without having to bring in the police and the courts.

    [sarcasm on] Was the school put on lock-down? Is the school going to ban all potential ignition sources now (lighters, matches, flint strikers, rubbing sticks)? Will there be enough grief counselors on hand to provide therapy for all the students and staff? [sarcasm off]

  2. Richard, you don’t feel igniting some girl’s hair warrants police involvement? I have to disagree, this was not some pushing match between teenaged boys in gym class, this was apparently some boy who decided to try and light some girl’s hair on fire. Although not the crime of the century, this situation received the attention it warranted. That’s my view, without any sarcasm…

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