Looking for a Newspaper with a Smiley Joe Walsh

So far, I have not seen a Joe Walsh photo that shows the joy that he must feel from being elected to Congress.

Likewise, I have not seen a Melissa Bean photo in which she looks at all sad.

Just looking at the post-election photos from the Chicago Tribune and the Chicago Sun-Times one would have no clue that the pleasant faced woman didn’t win the race.

So far, a smiley Joe has not showed up in print.

Today I saw the front page of the Northwest Herald and the little sister has followed the example of the big guys.

Take a look.

Photos on the front page of the Northwest Herald November 18, 2010.

From just looking at the facial expressions, which person would you think had just won an election?

Maybe on Sunday there will be a photo of a happy Joe Walsh taken at the Town Hall meeting Saturday afternoon at 3 at Crystal Lake City Hall or the 4-6 Victory Party for Walsh in Lakemoor.

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