Merssage of the Day – A Window Sticker

Today we have a variation on a “Buy America” theme in the form of a window sticker.

My Truck Is Built
With Wrenches
Not Chopsticks

is the message.

Presumably, the truck being driven was built in an
American auto plant.

This is the view of the new addition to the Chrysler Plant from By-Pass 20 in Belvidere.

Not this one being enlarged in Belvidere though.


Merssage of the Day – A Window Sticker — 4 Comments

  1. And probably the truck he is referring to as having been built with chopsticks was also built on American soil by American workers.

    A sign on a G.M. plant gate in Kansas City, Kans. in 1986 read, “If you drive a foreign car, don’t even think about parking in this lot.”

  2. Sorry, I have a Toyota and a Lexus. I’ll gladly start buying GM, Chrysler, etc. when and if their quality matches the Japanese.

    And, as Gus indicates, my vehicles were more than likely made in the U.S. by Americans.

  3. Put some money into the education system then and train our citizens to be smarter and they then can manufacture better quality cars.

    This should be common sense… instead this country makes it rocket science, and virtually impossible to achieve. The Japanese students are educated to the Nth degree in every aspect and taught quality from the age of zero. Our younger generation is all about entitlement mentality and how little can I do to get the most from others thought process.

    I think this country should just not purchase manufactured goods outside this country. It’ll create countless jobs here and bring our own costs down because there will be more healthy competition.

  4. My God you people are ignorant.

    The US can’t build a car to save its life, and the only reason Japanese build cars on American soil is to avoid the tax, not because of a more skilled workforce.

    That’s why my BMW was completely manufactured in Germany and shipped to America.

    Worth the few extra $$$.

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