Babe, the Squeaquel, Tryouts

I was taking photos of animals at the McHenry County Fair in August and one of my favorite movies came to mind.

It’s about Babe, the sheep herding pig.

“Don’t you think I could play the part?”

This little one seemed to be auditioning for the part in the next movie.

“Aren’t I adorable?”

Actors need more than one photo, so he (she) posed for another publicity shot.

A nearby rival auditiioned, too, not knowing his coloring was all wrong. If there’s a movie featuring Grocho Marks as a pig, he might qualify though.

There was, of course, competition.

“Can we be in the movie, too?” asked these sheep.

These lambs wanted walk-on parts.

"We work as a team. Hire us both or we skip the gig."

And, then there were this sister act.

I don’t know if “Babe 3, Pig in the Suburbs” will ever be filmed, but there’s plenty of local talent.

Oops.  There’s another critter who wants a bit part.

"Instead of a duck, how about a turkey this time around?"


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