Lessons to Conservatives from 2010

The masthead of Don Suber's blog for the Charleston Daily Mail.

Don Surber of the Charleston Daily Mail wrote ten articles of advice after the campaign.

Since some touch on the Joe Walsh-Melissa Bean contest in the 8th Congressional District.

In retrospect, Walsh did what Surber suggests, while Bean didn’t.

I thought they might be of some interest to readers .

Lesson No. 1: Be like Scott Brown and shake hands.

Lesson No. 2: Solicit Money.

Lesson No. 3: Start Small.

Lesson No. 4: Listen.

Lesson No. 5: Curb your ideology.

Lesson No. 6: Don’t Go On Fox News.

Lesson No. 7: Relax. (Featuring Joe Ptak and the Northwest Herald’s Dan McCaleb)

Lesson No. 8: Be a veteran.

Lesson No. 9: Don’t buy a landslide.

Final lesson of 2010 – Ignore the Media

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