Jack Franks and Mark Beaubien Vote for Gay Rights Bill

Democrat Jack Franks

Democrat Jack Franks, a man who has fashioned an image that portrays himself as a conservative, voted for legislation to legalize civil unions among same sex partners in Illinois.

Republican Mark Beaubien

Senate Bill 1716 pass the house 61-52 after an hour debate.

Also voting for the bill was State Rep. Mark Beaubien, who has the reputation of being a liberal Republican.

“Now is the time to support this bill,”

Beaubien is reported to have said during House debate.

Franks has been moving left politically as his ambitions for statewide or congressional office have grown.

After redistricting, Franks is expected to be newly-elected Congressman Joe Walsh’s Democratic Party opponent in 2012.

This morning, the Northwest Herald provided political cover for Franks by endorsing the gay rights bill in an editorial.

Franks’ Republican opponent, John O’Neill, opposed civil unions, even participating in a demonstration in front of Franks’ Woodstock office after his election defeat.

Republican challenger to State Rep. Jack Franks in this fall's election was among the demonstrators in the post-election Patriots United demonstration against the civil unions' bill in front of Jack Franks' Route 47 office.

State Rep. Mike Tryon voted against the bill.

The bill now moves to the State Senate where it is expected to pass.

Governor Pat Quinn has already said he will sign it and was on the House floor when it passed.

The roll call is below.  Click to enlarge.

Five Republicans voted for the bill. They are Suzie Bassi (a lame duck), Bill Black (another lame duck), Beth Coulson (still another lame duck), Rosemary Mulligan and Skip Saviano.


Jack Franks and Mark Beaubien Vote for Gay Rights Bill — 13 Comments

  1. It is a beautiful day for Illinois. I am so proud of my state and that my representative had the courage to do the right thing.

  2. I can’t understand why the medical profession stays so silent on gay marriages. Ask any nurse or doctor about the anal sores and other problem areas that they treat daily due to homosexual behavior and you will get an earful. Passing the civil unions bill just gets gays one step closer to what they really want and that is recognized marriage. More money should be spent on curing this mental illness than the time and money being spent on voting for ‘approving’ this life style.

    It’s sickening how many candidates for public office cater to the gay rights movement, walking in their parades with some parade participants acting the part of a fool. Normal people don’t act the way many gays do in those parades (in various stages of undress). We don’t need this type of activity infecting our young peoples bodies and minds.

  3. any valid, documented medical data to support your outrageous claim catman? sounds like you are just another homophobe spewing vile commentary

  4. Sick State of Illinois…God created 2 sexes, male and female for purpose of marriage and reproduction.

    Thank you Rep Tryon, Sen Duffy & Sen Altoff for voting NO.

  5. Sandy, by your logic, a 60-year-old widow cannot remarry since she cannot procreate.

    To bad Tryon, Duffy and Altoff are on the wrong side of history.

    Catman, you are an idiot.

  6. Hey, Freedom Reigns, next time you see a couple of male farm animals getting it on with each other in the brown-hole be sure to snap a picture and send it to me. Animals don’t even behave this way!

  7. Its a sad day that Ignorant bigoted theocrats like Mike Tryon are treated as anything then the sickening embarrassments they truly are.

    I called his office to let him know what I thought of his stupidity and his lying office rep claimed that I would get a call back so her bosses idiocy could be justified. Big shock, he lacked the courage to actually call back.

    The real title of this article should be “Tryon, Duffy and Althoff vote to put their religious views above the civil rights of Illinois citizens”.

  8. Tryon, Duffy & Altoff voted as representatives of their contingency..

  9. So how do you prevent insurance fraud now?

    What proof will there be for a civil union?

    Do the couples get to file a join tax return?

    What about male female or shacking up people will they get the use of a partners health benefits? If not then there is discrimination so the law can’t be allowed.

    A new way for cities, towns and counties to create a tax on gays issue a civil union license for $50 a year since people can just walk away from this agreement and not have a court dissolve the union so tax them yearly and if the license is not current benefits stop.

    Oh what ways there can be to make tax money.

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