Althoff and Duffy Vote “No” on Civil Unions

Dan Duffy

Pam Althoff

The bill passed 32 to 24 with one person voting “present,” the equivalent of a “no” vote because 30 votes are required to pass in the Illinois State Senate.

McHenry County’s two state senators, Pam Althoff and Dan Duffy both cast votes against the legislation.

The roll call is below. Click to enlarge the image.

The Illinois State Senate roll call on Senate Bill 1716, the legislation that legalizes civil unions.

State Representatives Jack Franks and Mark Beaubien supported the measure when it was voted on in the Illinois House at dinner time. Mike Tryon opposed the bill.


Althoff and Duffy Vote “No” on Civil Unions — 1 Comment

  1. Althoff and Tryon are my heroes. The rest caved into liberal hype.

    If I own a company and offer insurance, NOW I will have to insure the “partner”. If someone is dying, they just designate a PARTNER and that PARTNER gets benefits for life. Scams will be the new bankroll for lawyers. This is a costly move.

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