Larry Snow’s Idea of How to Get Out of the Recession

Larry Snow

I don’t cover national politics much unless it drills down to McHenry County.

Now we have a local connection in columnist Larry Snow, who opines today on The Champion about how to pull the country out of the recession.

How do we get jobs created and the economy growing again?

That’s the question Snow addresses.

I won’t give it away. You’ll have to read his thoughts.

The first two paragraphs may capture your interest. I know it did mine.

Maybe Congressman Don Manzullo or newly-elected Congressman Joe Walsh will take the idea and run with it.

It certainly takes away Democrats’ argument of blaming the economy and not being able to do anything about it that doesn’t run up our debt.

Here are the first few paragraphs:

“There’s a practical way to quickly rev up the U.S. economy that will put money into consumers’ pockets and lower business costs. It will also help all European economies without costing China a dime.

“It even has a side peace dividend by making it more difficult for Iran to fund terrorism or buy missiles from North Korea. It lets President Obama and Hillary Clinton use their popularity, negotiating skills and relationships with world leaders. As lawyers they can appreciate how the solution is deeply rooted in American law.”

See if you can find a downside to why the national Republican Party or its potential candidates should embrace the idea.

Is Snow laying out a practical solution you haven’t heard before?

People have learned they don’t have to depend on newspapers or the main stream media for ideas or even information.

In fact, Joe Walsh was elected to the U.S. Congress because of his majority in McHenry County and in spite of the dominant Northwest Herald’s saying not very nice things about him.

You could say that the paper’s influence in re-electing Melissa Bean was shown to be irrelevant.

Undoubtedly for the next two years its coverage will have a continuing negative slant so NWH favorite Jack Franks can be poised to knock him out of office.

The majority of McHenry County voted for common sense when it came to the choice between Walsh and Melissa Bean.

The article does suggest al way to rev up our economy and grow jobs without running up our nation’s debt. That might be especially relevant seeing how unemployment ratcheted up to 9.8 percent and now sits at a seven-month high.


Larry Snow’s Idea of How to Get Out of the Recession — 1 Comment

  1. Except the Republicans have spent the Bush years salivating over the opportunity to get US soldiers murdered in order to artificially prop up the price of the Republican corporate masters known as big oil.

    Modern Republicanism teaches that the lives of poor people is a small price to pay to ensure billionaires make even more money.

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