At Least They Kill Their Own

I was talking to a retired Chicago Police Sergeant recently about politics in Chicago.

When he decided to become a policeman, his father advised him never to become beholding to a politician.

Apparently some in his extended family had done so and obtained great success in the public sector, but his Italian Dad advised against following the relative’s example.

Some of the political bosses he talked about I met when they came to Springfield or read about when they got indicted.

He made one comment that came to mind as I was reading Chicago Sun-Times columnist Mark Brown’s piece today. (I’d link to it, but I can’t find one on the updated web site.)


β€œA tragic break for good family, Son stayed out of trouble, but it found him while home for holiday,”

it tells of the murder of NIU freshman Marcus Miller, presumably by a Chicago gang banger.

Chick to enlarge.

The young man’s parents kept as close an eye on him as can be imagined, taking him to and from what sounds a bit like a charter school, where the father eventually became a teacher, and even building a concrete basketball court in the backyard to attract his friends.

While reading it the policeman’s comment came back:

β€œAt least the Outfit only kills its own.”

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