Democrats Urge Democrats to Attend “Accidental” Congressman Joe Walsh’s Town Hall Meetings

An email from 8th District Democrats:

Eighth District Democrats & Independents
Joe Walsh Town Halls, starting Sunday

(he needs to hear from US!)

Will University of Chicago Public Policy Grad School Graduate Joe Walsh have even more fun with hostile questions at his Town Hall meetings than he did at parades llike this one in Johnsburg?

Our accidental Congressman, Joe Walsh, will be holding a series of “listening tour” town halls this month. I suggest we all go and give him an earful. That is, let him know that he doesn’t just represent the Tea Party by asking him some reasonable questions he will have a hard time answering in a way that isn’t alarming to anybody other than his base. The press is very likely to be there and will be quite interested in his answers.

Some questions you might want to ask (or any burning question you have):

  1. How will you bring jobs and businesses to the Eighth District?
  2. What is your plan for getting banks to lend to small businesses in the Eighth District?
  3. What do you think your win over Melissa Bean has given you a mandate to do in Congress?
  4. What do you mean by the revolution you talked about during the campaign and how do you plan to accomplish it in Washington?
  5. How will you vote when Congress is asked to raise the debt ceiling after you take office? (If they don’t vote to do it, the government will shut down, as it did in 1994.)
  6. Will you vote to repeal Obamacare and why? (Yes, call it that to get an honest answer.)
  7. Do you think we should add $700 billion to the deficit over the next ten years just to give tax cuts to people making more than $250,000 per year? Since you are a deficit hawk, will you vote against such tax cuts even if Republican leadership asks you to vote for them?

The town halls are scheduled for:

Lake Zurich
Sunday December 12
Noon-1:30 p.m.
Lake Zurich Police Department
200 Mohawk Trail (across from Ela Library)
Lake Zurich

Monday December 13
7-8:30 p.m.
McHenry West High School
4724 W. Crystal Lake Road

Tuesday December 14
7-8:30 p.m.
Prairie Center for the Arts
201 Schaumburg Ct.

Tuesday December 16
7-8:30 p.m.
Gurnee Village Hall
325 N. O’Plaine Rd.

Now is not the time to be silent!


Eighth District Democrats & Independents (EDDI) Executive Board
Nancy Shepherdson, Chair
Wendy M. Warden, 1st Vice Chair
Anne F. Gueringer Johnson, 2nd Vice Chair
Gail Specht, Secretary
Kathryn Hausman, Treasurer


Democrats Urge Democrats to Attend “Accidental” Congressman Joe Walsh’s Town Hall Meetings — 17 Comments

  1. I am willing to bet Joe Walsh starts these meetings off with a pledge of allegiance.

    In fact Joe Walsh is the By No Accident Congressman. Determined effort does produce positive results.

  2. Not to completely belittle the achievement highlighted in your caption, but those Masters’ programs are money factories for schools like UChicago.

    It’s admirable that he did it, but it’s not the same as getting into, for example, the undergraduate or law programs (and if he paid for it himself, it probably contributed to his debt problems later in life as there aren’t really any jobs that necessitate such a degree).

  3. I fully support holding the accidental teabaglican congressman’s feet to the fire for the next two years before we are able to select a Representative who doesn’t think his constituency consists of nothing but billionaires and CEOs.

  4. No different than the Walsh supporters showing up at Dem events this past cycle. Congressman Elect Walsh is probably going to come under more scrutiny than his predecessor ever did.

    Mind you these will probably be the last town halls for some time because once the Congressman Elect is sworn in, he will be in DC M-Fr and many Saturdays and will soon learn under this President, Congress has to work for their wages.

    No more home on Thursday nights, that is unless Boehner want to short change the American Public and give is Congress three-day weekends.

  5. You Dems should be jumping all over Ms. Bean.

    If she’d held meetings during this last marathon election season, she might still be in office; and, just in case you’ve forgotten, I remember you all decrying Walsh supporters showing up whenever Ms. Bean DID actually hold a meeting to ask questions, so be careful that you don’t lower yourselves to those standards.

    LOVE the Dems tapdancing!!! It MUST be Bush’s fault!!!!!!!

  6. I’m with you AZ…Joe Walsh does not hide from anyone!

    He has answered ALL of those questions numerous times…that’s why the voters elected him to office!

    The Democrat LIBERALS/PROGRESSIVES/SOCIALISTS just don’t get it, and even O’Bama is fed up with their SANCTIMONIOUS beliefs and actions.

  7. It will be interesting to see whether EDDI manages to get some supporters to show up at these meetings.

    Relatively few showed up to support Melissa Bean at the LWV forum in Grayslake.

    The Walsh campaign reached out to thousands of Democrats around the district throughout the campaign.

    Instead of EDDI and the Bean campaign sending trackers to his meetings and expecting to use money, media endorsements, and attack ads to win, they should have been out there campaigning more actively among the voters.

    Instead, they still just prefer to attack Joe and all those who supported him.

    If that’s their strategy for 2012, they will lose again.

  8. Bruce…Dems and Independents got a bit comfortable and ASSumed Bean would win….they got caught with their pants down by your group. Congrats…but you woke a sleeping giant.

  9. No, we didn’t awaken a sleeping giant, nor is EDDI an enemy. They have spent several years becoming very well organized in this district, with many supporters. They aren’t evil. There are some very sharp and highly motivated people among them who have chosen to take politics seriously because there are issues which they care very deeply about. I disagree with many of their positions, but respect that they have tried to stand up for what they believe is right. I’m glad that we won, but also grateful that Melissa Bean was gracious enough to concede after the final vote count and offer to make a smooth transition for the good of the district. Some of the party leaders still seem to be looking for a fight, or an opportunity to embarrass Joe Walsh in the local media, rather than to work together on the way forward. That’s unfortunate. If they want to lose again in 2012, such disrespect for other voters is a good start. We shouldn’t act that way. We don’t need the moral equivalent of an adult food fight for the next two years. We need to focus on a better way forward.

  10. There was no food-fight at Joe’s first ‘listening tour’ held in Fox Lake. In fact, the entire event went very smooth as Joe sought out questions from throughout the audience. Maybe, because it went so smooth, there are now efforts to disrupt future meetings. For those who would like to see and hear the ENTIRE Fox Lake event held on December 4th, it is posted, unedited, at:

    Enjoy! (and see you there Sunday)

  11. I would hope all Joe’s townhall meetings start with the Pledge of Allegiance. I am a supporter of Joe’s…have never before been involved in politics…and along with my husband, worked very hard to help get Joe elected. We believe he will serve the 8th district of Illinois well. I thank him for holding these townhall meetings and welcoming all from the 8th district.

  12. 8th district democrats,

    Your list of questions is a good one, but these questions, all of them, have been answered by Mr. Walsh time & time again, the answers never change.

    Had any of you actually been paying attention during the campaign period and even recently, you may have caught an answer or two.

    The answers to this exact list of questions is what got Joe elected.

    What are you are hoping to gain by beleaguering everyone with this list?

    Clearly your intent is to place a burr under the saddle for no other reason I can guess but to impede progress or to simply be a pain in the ass, but you will do the opposite, the more questions that are asked, the more of the same answers that got him elected will be heard.

    I don’t know about you, but I didn’t ask a single question by accident, I could then assume that the answers I got were not accidents either, thus leaving me to conclude that Mr. Walsh was in no way an accident as you opine.

    Thank you.

  13. I think it would be a mistake to allow the opposition to define the Joe Walsh town halls as a tea party, republican, or conservative event.

    These town halls need to be open to all voters of all stripes, and I am sure Joe Walsh will be very capable in responding to all. Those who come solely to disrupt will soon be exposed for what they are.

    Make it a rule to encourage the opposition to attend and make sure they are invited in every invitation, media publication, announcement and establish the position that Joe is a representative of all the voters.

  14. No, it would be ACCURATE to describe Joe Walsh as an extremist right wing anti american teabagger who believes in government of the people, by the corporations and for the CEOs.

    Its not a question of if Joe Walsh will vote to damage America, but rather a question of how much destruction he will create before he is removed from office.

  15. You can see the Lake Zurich meeting in its entirety at:

    It was unbelievable how many people packed the police chambers with temperatures in the teens and motorists being advised to stay off the roads. The video is a 7GB movie clip reduced 90% to accommodate YouTube so the conversion often allows the audio to NOT sync with the video. If it’s too bothersome, just close your eyes and listen 🙂

    ALSO, a very important note for anyone planning on attending the meeting in Schaumburg. The location HAS BEEN CHANGED to:

    Schaumburg Township Center
    1 Illinois Boulevard
    Hoffman Estates, IL 60169

    (same time, though, Tuesday, 7:00 to 8:30 PM)

  16. Joe won the election. Melissa did not lose it.

    He won it by bringing back to the voting booth many people who felt they had been forgotten. He focused on core issues.

    People realized the dire strait of the economy and the fact that the solutions of the incumbents were more of the same.

    Obamacare was a huge and expensive mistake. Congress put together a 2300 page bill which nobody had the timr to read. The majority staffers misled the Congressional Budget Office quite on purpose as to the savings from this bill. They induced the CBO to indicate that there were savings – -a position they had to disavow after the bill got made into law. This was typical of the administration.

    Joe’s town meetings brought all this out. In spite of the fact that the incumbent had his meetings taped, she could refute nothing that was the tems who presented the facts.

    Now you bums are reduced to calling him an “accidental” representative and to play games with his bio on Wikipedia. Get a life.

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