Frosty Debate prior to McHenry County Board Chairman Vote

Marc Munaretto

Ken Koehler

Previously McHenry County Blog reported on the results and the roll call for the post of McHenry County Board Chairman.  Challenger Marc Munaretto was pitted against incumbent Ken Koehler.

The temperature outside was about 10 degrees.

Some of the relationships discussed within the board room were as frosty.

Randy Donley, who as in 2008 was inextricably linked with his candidate for Chairman, Marc Munaretto, was the first to speak.

He talked of how he had discussed term limits with each of the board members he had approached.

Some said a chairman should be limited to four years, others six years.

“No one told me eight years.”

Incumbent Ken Koehler was finishing up three two-year terms and seeking two more.

Randy Donley

Donley relayed a consensus among those with whom he spoke that is was “dangerous to allow anyone to build a strong coalition.”

“I’m afraid to vote for anyone else. I’m afraid of retribution,” others told him.

Donley then made his arguments for electing Munaretto, including that a “$250 million corporation deserves to be managed like one.”

“If we lost one board member, who would you least like it to be,” Donley asked, implying that most had indicated it was his candidate.

He also said he had asked members which member would they have managed their life savings. All asked but John Hammerand had picked Munaretto, Donley said.

Newly-elected member Donna Kurtz, who replaced Ken Koehler ally Lyn Orphal, then seconded Munaretto’s nomination.

Scott Breeden

“I think we all know what Ken is capable of and what he’s done in the past.”

That was pretty much all Koehler nominator Scott Breeden, from District 2 as is Koehler said. Democrat Paula Yensen seconded Koehler’s nomination.

Speaking to the question, Hammerand explained how Koehler and he “don’t always agree,” but that he allows him to speak.

“That’s is not the case with the other nominee,” the Wonder Lake resident said.

Hammerand revealed that he had been “threatened with a lawsuit” after posing some questions to Munaretto.

October 10, 2008, letter from Marc Munaretto, 900 Pyott Road, Suite 101, Crystal Lake,The le to John Hammerand, which Hammerand provided after the meeting. A copy of the letter went to Arnstein & Lehr. Click to enlarge.

“I just don’t think he has the people (skills for the job),” Hammerand concluded.

Wheeler countered Hammerand’s characterization, praising “Marc’s willingness and openness in the Planning and Development (Committee). He and I were often on opposite sides of the discussion. After (thorough) discussion I thought we came (to agreement).

“Two years ago when I ran (for county board chairman), my main concern was the 2030 Plan. (It) came out (honorably).”

When allowed to pick seats, Barbara Wheeler decided to move to the back row.

Wheeler ended her comments by saying,

“If you’re not at the table, you’re on the menu. Frankly, I’m tired of being on the menu.”

Democrat Yensen spoke in support of Republican Koehler.

At the end of the meeting during member comments, Munaretto offered his congratulations to Koehler, thanked his supporters and commented on his loss.

“It means your message didn’t get across.  The message is clear.  You don’t want me as Chairman of the Board.”

He said he knew his chances were “not that great.”

“For those of you who wanted to vote for me, but were afraid…(I didn’t get the rest).

“Rejection is not an easy (emotion),” he concluded, pointing out he was “here to represent my constituents not for you.”


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  1. If you are not at the table you are on the menu….What does that mean?…..just askin…..

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