A Flat Tire

Having just finished my favorite lunch at Colonial Cafe (citrus tango salad), I was on my way to the Tri-County Pregnancy and Parenting Center to drop off a check.

The steering felt sluggish as I went across Route 14 past McDonald’s and Chase Bank.

As I pulled up the steep incline to the parking lot, my bumper dragged on the pavement.

Then, I knew something was wrong.

It hadn’t started snowing yet as I got out of the car and went to the Tri-County office to call for help.

I got AAA and was told Anchor Towing would come within 45 minutes. I was told there would be no cost, that tire changing was fully covered by the AAA membership.

It was 1:30.

I cleaned out the trunk (only one campaign sign, but lots of other junk) so the little spare tire could be found.

But I had to pick up my son at Bernotas Middle School at 2:15.  At two, I got three offers of a car to get him from the kind ladies in the office.  The Mustang won.

So, I left my 1996 Cadillac, my keys and AAA card and went to pick up my son.

The tire was off when my son and I got back to the parking lot. I image a lot of people will be calling Anchor Towing at 815-459-0044 this blistery weekend.

When we returned the tire was off.  The snow had started.

The tire changing was almost complete.

It didn’t take long to finish the job and there wasn’t even any paperwork to sign.

We got our flat tire fixed at Goodyear at the intersection of Route 14 and Virginia Street Road.  The technician said that rust on the tire rim had allowed the seal to be compromised causing a slow leak.  Something to look forward to on the other three rims, I guess.

While we were waiting, my son an watched the motorcycle building show on the Discover Channel.

“There’s more violence there than there is in my video games,” he observed as Paul, Jr., punched his fist through his father’s door after Paul, Sr. said so many expletives that the sound track sounded like a filled answering machine.


A Flat Tire — 2 Comments

  1. The headline could apply to the timliness and responsiveness of the judge rendering an opinion in the Grafton Township trial.

    Thank goodness it wasn’t a government run tow truck that was supposed to show up with help.

    You can bet if it was a union run shop there would have been plenty of paperwork to fill out. Before the tire is changed. Done by a supervisor who then waits for a worker truck to show up to do the actual tire changing.

  2. Cal, I had a similar thing happen to my 1994 Caddy Seville with the fancy chrome rims a dual white wall tires that Libertyville Cadillac likes to put on their vehicles. Over time the chrome finish begins to deteriorate and flake off the steel. That allows the air in the tire to squeeze out between the loosened chrome and the metal that it was originally bonded to.

    You are right, though, in expecting it to continue happening, especially if you have chrome rims. If I could post a photo here I would show mine hanging on the back of a tow truck in a little town in Iowa where I stopped for lunch on the way back from a class reunion. I loved that car with its black canvas top over a silver body and was often asked if it WAS a convertible. It was the best top I ever saw put on and really DID look like a convertible except they don’t make 4-door ones! I kept it for 10 years and when I sold it, it looked and ran as good as new. 🙂

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