Manzullo Reacts to Federal Judge’s Ruling Against Obamacare

16th District Congressman Don Manzullo’s reaction to Federal Court’s ruling against the Democrats’ health care plan:

Manzullo Responds to Federal Judge’s Ruling
that New Health Care Law is Unconstitutional

(WASHINGTON) Congressman Don Manzullo (R-Egan) issued the following statement today responding to U.S. District Court Judge Henry Hudson’s ruling that a major part of the new health care law is unconstitutional. The ruling found that Congress lacks the authority to impose the individual mandate, which requires all Americans to purchase health insurance.


Don Manzullo answering questions at his 2009 Town Hall meeting on health care reform held at McHenry County College.

“Today, a federal judge confirmed what we have known for a long time – it is unconstitutional to require Americans to purchase health insurance.

“This ‘individual mandate’ was a centerpiece of the President’s health care bill that was to help offset the massive cost of insuring everyone with pre-existing conditions. In fact, the loss of this individual mandate delivers a fatal blow to the future of the health care bill.

“There’s a better and constitutional way to reform health care. When Republicans take over the House in January, we will vote to repeal this unconstitutional new health care law.

“We hope the President and our Democratic colleagues will join us in repealing the law so we can replace it with real reforms that make health care more accessible and affordable to Americans without increasing taxes, cutting Medicare, raising insurance premiums, and putting more Americans on the unemployment lines.”


Manzullo Reacts to Federal Judge’s Ruling Against Obamacare — 2 Comments

  1. Funny… I didn’t see Manzullo releasing statements when the two federal judges in other cases rules the exact opposite.

    And Manzullo is being intellectually dishonest saying that this creates the “loss of this individual mandate.” This doesn’t abolish the individual mandate. This sends it to the next level of the court system.

    And the next time Manzullo puts forward any real health reform proposal, it will be the first.

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