Pam Fender Filing for Unemployment

Pam Fender

Pam Fender, the Grafton Township Administrator whom Judge Michael Caldwell cut from the payroll, is filing for unemployment compensation, according to the First Electric Newspaper.

Fender was hired by the Grafton Township Trustees, an act that was held to be improper by Judge Caldwell.

Fender is an elected Huntley Village Trustee.

She used to be a painting contractor and was apparently an insurance account representative in August while she was Township Administrator.


Pam Fender Filing for Unemployment — 8 Comments

  1. The Grafton Township trustees should be ashamed. They have cost the taxpayers — that’s you and me, an unnecessary amount of money. And, they are considering an appeal. Really? What a shame.

  2. is Linda actually going to have to do any real work, now that she doesn’t have Pam Fender to do it? Will Linda’s “work” consist of simply reposting about programs that have existed for years, and that she puts forth no effort on?

    classy act as always, Cal, defending your personal friend Linda Moore. You failed to mention Pam’s work as a Village Trustee, or the multitude of volunteer programs she coordinates, including Salvation Army kettles and painting Senior Citizens’ homes.

  3. Please read the article again. I mentioned that she is a village trustee.

  4. This whole thing is a travesty.

    Here is an example of the job that Linda Moore is doing for us. At the last town hall, the township was directed to attempt to sell the land. Linda Moore ordered a sign… except she failed to include any contact information or phone number on the sign!

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