Both Sides “Claim Victory,” Daily Herald Headline Says

“Both sides claim victory

after Grafton ruling”

Pam Fender, dismissed Township Administrator.

Township Supervisor Linda Moore, left standing.

That’s the headline in the Daily Herald’s belated article about Judge Michael Caldwell’s decision in the separation of powers case brought by Grafton Township Supervisor Linda Moore after the four Township Trustees tried to take away virtually all of her power by appointing Pam Fender as Township Administrator.

There are two photos associated with the online article. One is of Linda Moore; the other of Township Administrator Pam Fender.

The judge ordered Fender and Ancel Glink, the law firm who crafted the strategy to replace Moore with Fender, off the payroll.

How that can be construed as a victory for the Trustees’ side of the case is beyond me.

I mention in my first article on the subject that it was a two-sided case. You can read the guts of the decision here.

Read what each side won and tell me why you think Moore didn’t come out the overall victor.

Township Attorney Keri-Lyn Krafthefer, dismissed.

The dismissed Township Attorney, Keri-Lyn Krafthefer, offers this quote:

I think it was a significant victory for the trustees. It basically orders Linda to do her job.”

When pressed by reporter Jameel Naqvi, Krafthefer called the firing of the Township Administrator and Krafthefer’s law firm “two minor issues.”

Ancel Glink can continue to represent the Township Trustees in the suit, so expect an appeal of Judge Caldwell’s decision.

The next court date is Friday.


Both Sides “Claim Victory,” Daily Herald Headline Says — 4 Comments

  1. “I think it was a significant victory for the trustees. It basically orders Linda to do her job.”

    More and more people in the community are beginning to see that Linda Moore is incapable of doing the job. Linda got elected on her platform of scare tactics. Now that the building is stopped, what is Linda’s mission? Linda was in way over her head from day one. Linda, please try and spend (at a minimum) equal time doing and being positive.

    Cal, when is the court date for Linda’s husband David (for striking a Township Trustee)?

  2. The trustees actions were unlawful. No such claim was made by Judge Caldwell about Moore.

    The suit was caused by the trustees unlawfully hiring Fender who acted as their political flunkee. They wanted someone who would cat fight with Moore.

    Tossing Moore out of her office was one of the many petty things the trustees thought they could do.

  3. Know-it-all: Nice try.Go to a meeting. Pam Fender was hired to do that work that elected supervisor Linda Moore would not do, could not do, or refused to do.

    A recent example of Lind on her own: letting a forty-thousand dollar senior transportation grant slip, slip, slip away from Grafton Township. Yep, $40,000 that Grafton Township will not receive. Linda will need hand holding (babysitting) to function as supervisor.

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