What Happened about the Grafton Township Case in Judge Michael Caldwell’s Courtroom

I wrote a piece on what I heard sitting in the courtroom while the elected Grafton Township combatants’ attorneys tilted in the first post-decision hearing.

Out in the hall, Supervisor Linda Moore’s attorney John Nelson outlined what had been decided.

The first question concerned that part of the ruling dismissing Ancel Glink as Township Attorney and Keri-Lyn Krafthefer, a party to the suit, specifically.

Ancel Glink litigator Thomas DiCianni told the judge that his firm would not serve as Township Attorney, but asked that his firm’s prohibition of service as Township Attorney be limited to Moore’s term in office.

“The judge thought that was fair,” Nelson said.

A time line will be developed for Moore to fulfill her part of the judge’s order. That will be reviewed at the next hearing, which is on January 21st.

There was discussion of the payment of bills. Moore has been order to promptly present bills, which the Board can decided to pay or not to pay.

Nelson brought up the concept of checks and balances, pointing out that the Supervisor does not have to pay the bills if there is legitimate reason they should not be paid.

Asked what that meant, Nelson replied, “If improperly incurred.”

The bills for Forensicon and Elgin Key and Lock were discussed.

Judge Michael Caldwell told the lawyers there wasn’t sufficient evidence presented to see how these bills were incurred. Because of that he wasn’t ready to make a decision.

Nelson asked about the process of appointing a township attorney. The judge is reported to have indicated that the board’s advice and consent could not be unreasonably withheld.

“Let’s say Linda submits six lawyers and the board rejects them all,” Nelson suggested.

That might be considered unreasonable, I gathered.

“In my opinion, the township needs a lawyer,” Nelson said. He suggested such an attorney would have to “be firm with all parties.”

Judge Michael Caldwell

The final item discussed was the possibility of mediation.

Judge Caldwell brought up that topic.

In addition, the judge “gave indication to both parties to pay attention to his entire opinion,” Nelson said.

My notes also have, “Entire body of the opinion should be seriously considered.”

“I took him seriously,” Nelson concluded.

By the time I got finished talking to Nelson and Moore, DiCianni was out of sight.  I am sure that the First Electric Newspaper will have quotes form him.


What Happened about the Grafton Township Case in Judge Michael Caldwell’s Courtroom — 5 Comments

  1. Happy Holidays, Happy Holidays – two competing sites have interacted in a mutually kind and reasonable manner. That’s rare in our world.

    One gave reference to another and that one politely provided an update.

    Thank you Cal and thank you Pete.

  2. As to the two pieces from Cal – gee whiz, that’s pretty quick Cal given this all happened this morning.

    As to mediation, sure, in a perfect world with perfect people. I already know that in one unrelated case asking people to put down their political and personal swords was a waste of breath and too much optimism. Forced mediation might work but it has to be someone who has no interest in personal and political components and decides on common sense and law.

    “Too many Chiefs and not enough Indians” (quoting an old phrase and not intending to offend any Native Americans.) seems to apply in the case of Township Govt. The rules are different than they are for Village Boards, School Boards, etc. In Township Govt., the Supervisor (per Caldwell as I interpret it) is the CEO and the Trustees have limited duties/responsibilities and should not cross over that invisible line between the two sides.

    Here’s to better days for Grafton Township.

  3. “As to the two pieces from Cal – gee whiz, that’s pretty quick Cal given this all happened this morning.”

    Yeah, Cal can be pretty quick when he wants to be… Like when he posted portions of Judge Caldwell’s ruling before anyone else had a copy… INCLUDING the parties of the case!

    As for better days for Grafton Township, I have little hope for that until at least Linda is out of office

  4. Gee whiz, Cal, gee whiz Cal, gee whiz Cal,

    Aileen Seedorf is very impressed with the how quickly you posted your opinion pieces about this mornings Grafton Township court case. Gee whiz Cal, you are speedie!

    Cal, will you be using your impressive speed in writing about Linda Moore hitting the senior citizens of Grafton Township with a huge increase to ride the senior bus?


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