Tryon Files Bill to Put Legislative Expenditures and Contracts Online

It appears that the Illinois General Assembly has followed the example of the U.S. Congress in excluding itself from legislation that applies elsewhere.

Most recently, Democrats in Congress refused to put themselves under Obamacare.

Last year when Crystal Lake’s Mike Tryon passed legislation to make what Illinois government does more transparent, it was for state government, except for the Illinois House and Senate.

Now, the press release below tells of Tryon’s attempt to make all the animals equal, to borrow a concept from “Animal Farm.”

SPRINGFIELD……….Expanding upon government accountability legislation approved in 2010, State Representative Mike Tryon (R-Crystal Lake) has filed a second transparency bill to further address “pay-to-play” politics in Illinois.

Last year Tryon was the chief sponsor of House Bill 35, which is now Illinois law. The bill created the Illinois Accountability Portal, which established a website where residents can easily look up all state contracts and government expenditures, including employee salaries and tax credits given to businesses.

However, House Bill 35 only addressed accountability in the executive branch of Illinois Government (the office of the Governor, local and county units of government, etc.).

Mike Tryon

House Bill 02, filed during the December veto session of the General Assembly, would expand the transparency portal by including expenditures and contracts for the legislative branch of government. This would include the Illinois Senate and the House of Representatives where Tryon currently serves.“When you have a transparency law that excludes the activity of the legislative branch of government you do not have true transparency in government,” said Tryon.

“House Bill 02 builds upon the success of House Bill 35 and adds an additional layer of accountability.”

It is Tryon’s hope that the bill will receive bipartisan support and will be passed by the General Assembly early in 2011.

Information on the existing accountability can be accessed here.

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