More Evidence Illinois Is a Dying State

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The Census Bureau is scheduled to announce the state’s population counts on Tuesday.

From this it should be clear that Illinois’ share of the national people count declined.

The decline will result in one less U.S. House Representative for Illinois and one less vote in the Electoral College.

Ohio is expected to lose two.

The shift in population is towards red states and the Republicans will end up gaining quite a few House seats in the 2012 election and in the Electoral College voting.

Texas is expected to be one of the big winners. Arizona and Utah will each pick up a House seat while Iowa, New York, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania will lose one.

The shift will be from blue states to red states.

For the first time, California won’t gain a seat.

And, if the Democrats in Springfield decide to raise taxes a lot, Illinois’s population may be at a high water mark.


More Evidence Illinois Is a Dying State — 5 Comments

  1. So some of the reasons people might be leaving NY, CA, and IL is that these states have been bankrupting themselves with unsustainable pensions, be everything-to-everyone social programs and such for the last years or decades. Then there are some obscene taxes within the states and these states aren’t exactly business friendly.

    What a surprise. (cough)

  2. Accurate, however.

    We’ve been losing Congressional seats ever since I started watching politics.

  3. Illinois decided to compete with Detroit, they felt winning was turning the entire state into Detroit lol

  4. Illinois Congressional Seats (US Representative)

    1913 – 1943: 27 seats (this was the most Congressional seats in the State’s history).

    1943 – 1953: 26 seats.

    1953 – 1963: 25 seats

    1963 – 1983: 24 seats

    1983 – 1993: 22 seats

    1993 – 2003: 20 seats

    2003 – 2013: 19 seats

    2013 – present: 18 seats

    The number of Congressional seats represent the population of the state as a proportional share of the population of the other states.

    Thus some other states have been gaining more population than Illinois.

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