McHenry County Blog Gets Noticed in Lyons and Kirkland

Although Judge Michael Caldwell's court order specifically mentioned the lack of a link for the Township Supervisor on the township web site, as of last night it was still missing.

Articles published here about Ancel Glink prompted a phone call from Kirkland and a comment on the Palos Heights Forum under “Lyons, IL Politics.”

Poster Elizabeth Swann quoted from one of my second “Irony” article, then typed the following:

If this seems like deja-vu to some of you, it should.

Ancel Glink “beta-tested” these “how to overturn an election for fun & profit” tactics on the Village of Lyons in the early 2000’s.

Just change Linda Moore to Marie Vachata, etc.

And look at Lyons now…

  • deeply in debt,
  • 2 of 4 TIFs under water,
  • continuing non-compliance with statutory reporting and record keeping requirements,
  • administrative chaos and
  • service cuts galore, and
  • the bond and interest part of the property tax levy just increased by over 100%.

The people of Grafton Township should get down on their knees to thank Linda Moore and Judge Caldwell.

And from Kirkland, which was in my 33rd legislative district during the 1970’s, came a phone call asking for assistance in locating an article containing Ancel Glink billings.

Grafton Township will hold its first post-court order meeting Monday night at 7:30 at the Park District Building.  I wonder if Supervisor Linda Moore will appoint a Sergeant at Arms.

The meeting is not posted on the township web site.


McHenry County Blog Gets Noticed in Lyons and Kirkland — 7 Comments

  1. “The people of Grafton Township should get down on their knees to thank Linda Moore and Judge Caldwell.”

    Cal, you must be out of your mind for letting this appear on your site.

    Look at the expenditures and budget of Grafton Township.

    Thanks Linda for DESTROYING Grafton Township.

  2. I voted against adopting a deficit budget. The bulk of the legal expenditures were for the trustee’s attorneys of Ancel Glink.

    It is time for the past negativity to be put behind us and move forward to put the township on the right track.

  3. Re: “The meeting is not posted on the township web site.” Being in silly holiday ode, I thought “Surely you jest?” however Cal, your name is NOT Shirley (old joke from movie), so I went to see for myself. The Jan. Regular meeting is there, however, under Special Meetings waaay down the page after blank space it only says None Scheduled. None.

    Since the ruling came down from the judge, I wonder if the previous “normal” process of who actually posted things had its plug pulled? Why would “they” want to do that? It could be simple human error, however, I think this meeting was planned before the ruling and the posting would have already been in the pipeline. Such a puzzlement….fa la la la

    As to who is reponsible for “DESTROYING” anything, I think that started when those folks who were pushing the multi-million building project didn’t exactly shout it to the Taxpayers and simply wanted to “do it, do it, do it” the way THEY wanted to “do it, do it, do it”. While some tried to sell it as an altruistic like idea, it’s hard to deny that it would have been a nice political move.

    The judge didn’t agree with what was done or not done.

    Then came the appeal and those “do it again” people didn’t win that either.

    Then, the public didn’t want them to “do it” with an expensive building purchase and fix up either.

    Now, a third decision/ruling has been made on different issues and it leans pretty heavily against the actions of the “do it”, “do it again”, “do it, new issue did it” people.

    I wonder if they are ruly listening to the court and to the people instead of looking toward further “dancing”?


    Put the verbal weapons down,
    keep your hands inside the boat,
    don’t touch the side of the boat –
    each person to his/her side of the ring
    doing the job that belongs to each one’s position
    and start the New Year the right way
    not the political way.

  4. Aileen,

    I highly disagree with your sit down, shut up and mind your own business approach to governing. It is the duty of ALL elected officials to perform their duties in the best interests of the people….something that Linda has proven she knows nothing about.

    And isn’t it the duty of The American People to question our government? ….and, yes, even the decision of an elected judge who is said to be close friends with a supporter of Linda’s.

    By the way, Linda, when will the financial records be returned to the township office? Why the delay?

  5. Per Judge Caldwell’s order, the implementation of the court’s orders will be reviewed for status on January 21, 2011.

  6. Flow of conscience post Aileen? Thanks for not posting on the Huntley Neighbors website.

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