Grafton Township Has Civil 15-Minute Meeting

A year ago the Grafton Township Board barely made a midnight deadline to pass the annual levies.

This year, the Monday meeting lasted less than 15 minutes.

From left to right, Township Clerk Harriot Ford, Township Road Commissioner Jack Freund, Township Trustees Barb Murphy, Rob LaPorta and Betty Zirk, and Township Supervisor Linda Moore.

The board members approved tax hikes by two 3-1 votes.

The 7:30 meeting was over in less than 15 minutes.

A bit of money was moved from the General Assistance Fund to the Town Fund because, as Trustee Betty Zirk said, “I think our corporate fund is going to need this money more than GA.”

After the votes were completed, Trustee Gerry McMahon arrived.

No attorney was present.

“I’ll be voting against increasing our levy,” Township Supervisor Linda Moore announced. “I think we should go with a zero percentage increase,” she added later.

“We won’t be increasing our taxes. I just want to make sure we get as much tax money from growth as we can get,” Zirk said.

The levies of both funds were increased 4.999%.

The meeting, which started at 7:30 was over before 7:45.


Grafton Township Has Civil 15-Minute Meeting — 3 Comments

  1. Was it held in a closet. I gather the public could give a rats butt in Grafton Township, and another tax levy increase? Who is minding the books?

  2. Linda is minding the books . . . hence, there has been no audit since Linda was elected. You go girl!

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