What Might Illinois Sell Off?

90% of the Royal Mail is to be sold in Great Britain.

The Conservative government in Great Britain is selling off 90% of the Royal Mail.

That prompted me to think of what the State of Illinois could sell.

Tollways, of course, were targeted by former Governor Rod Blagojevich.  I think the Thompson Center was also on his menu.

We are selling the Thomson Maximum Security Correctional Center to the Federal government.  I still wonder why it could not have been rented out since it was completed early this decade.

What about the other newer prisons?

A private company could depreciate them for tax advantages.

Governor Pat Quinn is already looking into ways to get income out of land near prisons.

Any other ideas?


What Might Illinois Sell Off? — 1 Comment

  1. Cal,
    Your question about renting Thomson Prison came up at the Sterling hearings last year. It was held by the Commission of Government Forecasting and Accountability. Pat Brady and Matt Murphy both on the Commission knew of states that needed to rent prison space. They were not in favor of closing or selling Thomson. Durbin & Quinn wanted to sell the prison to the feds for some fast bucks and wanted to close it ASAP.

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