Gulf Coast Vacation in a Box Wins Merriment Award at Crystal Lake Kiwanis Christmas Party

Carol Heisler reads the instructions from the Gulf Coast Vacation in a Box Christmas gift which the imaginative Donna Mayberry, sitting to her left, prepared.

Former Supervisor of Assessments Donna Mayberry, a new member of Crystal Lake Kiwanis, came up with the funniest Christmas present for the under $15 exchange at the Crystal Lake County Club party last night.

The imaginative lady came up with a Gulf Coast vacation in a box, the outside of which you see below:


Can’t get to the Gulf Coast for a winter vacation?


You have the next best thing! Please follow instructions and enjoy!

  1. Turn thermostat to 90 degrees.
  2. Assemble portable beach
    1. Affix palm tree to inside wall of beach container.
    2. Pour sand into container.
    3. Place shells on sand.
    4. Sprinkle oil over beach scene.
  3. Choose sunny spot in room to place beach lounge chair (not provided).
  4. Put on sunglasses and then raise to top of head, Palm Beach style.
  5. Recline in chair and commence to read paperback book, while glancing occasionally at beach scene.

Note: To enhance ambiance, a small fan (not provided) might be strategically placed to duplicate ocean breezes.

= = = = =

Included in the box were a plastic palm tree, a container of sand, sea shells, a bottle of oil, a book of short stories by John Grisham entitled, “Ford County,”  and sun glasses.

Laughter surrounded the table.

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