Franks Lashes Out at McHenry County Good Ol’ Boys

Jack Franks actually had to run for office for the first time in three elections this past year.

Thursday in the Chicago Tribune, Democratic Party State Rep. Jack Franks lashed out at McHenry County Republicans who had the audacity to put up an opponent, John O’Neill, in last fall’s election.

The comments were in a story covering a bill to create an inspector general for the RTA, CTA, Metra and Pace..

Inexplicably it took nine months for Democrats to take any meaningful action after Metra Executive Director Phil Pagano committed suicide near his home in Crystal Lake.

Al Jourdan

Jack Schaffer

Among those criticized as part of “a good old boy culture” were former State Senator Jack Schaffer and former County Auditor and McHenry & Illinois State GOP Chairman Al Jourdan, plus Don Udsteun, who was convicted and served time in Federal prison because of his actions while a Metra board member.

Schaffer and Jourdan were appointed by McHenry County Board Chairman Ken Koehler.

Franks’ best shot:

“No longer will the fox be watching the henhouse. We will have an independent inspector general overseeing these transit agencies.”


Franks Lashes Out at McHenry County Good Ol’ Boys — 3 Comments

  1. Good for Jack Franks

    Jourdon, Schaffer are has beens, theses days they can not run campaigns there are to many Dems.

  2. “Thumb”, you need a third grade grammar lesson, you can’t even write correctly.

    Jack Schaffer is one of the most honest, humble, talented, giving, compassionate man on either side of the fence in this county.

    Jack Franks doesn’t hold a candle the caliber of Jack Schaffer, he’s a lying, thieving, deceptive, desperate, scoundrel and a sore on the face of this county and I will continue to browbeat and inform people of how maligned he and his office really are until his legacy consists of chasing ambulances full time again.

    We’ve been gaining ground for a couple of years now, his time is coming.

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