Another Conservative Blast at Pat Quinn’s 75% Tax Hike

This time from Paul Caprio, Executive Director of Family PAC. Here it is:


Paul Caprio, Director of Family-Pac, today called proposals by Democratic leadership in Springfield to increase the state individual income tax by 75% (to 5.25%) “fiscal insanity which will drive more jobs out of Illinois, wreck family budgets, and result in eventual bankruptcy for the State of Illinois.”

Paul Caprio

Said Caprio,

“Nothing has been done in Springfield to address the bloated state pension systems, real Medicaid reform, workmen’s compensation, or tort reform. 

“These are the major causes of the present budget deficit. The proposal of a 75% individual income tax increase and a 49% increase in the corporate tax rate is an insult to every hard-working Illinois taxpayer.

“Democrats are trying to strong-arm this proposal through the Legislature by making political deals with lame duck legislators who will not even be representing their constituents when this proposed increase would go into effect.”

Caprio urged every Illinois taxpayer to contact their State Representative and Senator today with the message, “No new taxes.”

Caprio concluded,

“If this reckless tax increase is passed, Pat Quinn, John Cullerton, and Mike Madigan will be the pallbearers at the economic funeral of Illinois.”

Family-Pac has made more than 350,000 calls the past week to grassroots taxpayers to urge them to contact their representatives to oppose the tax increase.


Another Conservative Blast at Pat Quinn’s 75% Tax Hike — 1 Comment

  1. I have a question; How long do you think it will take till we look like Detroit?

    The Government in this state, is chasing out business and the taxpayers are leaving the state to seek jobs in other states. The census shows this.

    What is wrong with these people? To much fight not enough

    This is the State of in-experience they give jobs to those who don’t have experience in the job they are suppose to do, Because of Government patronage.

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