Of Targets and Guns

Some, but not all liberals are making a big deal about Sarah Palin’s targeting the district Rep. Gabrielle Giffords on a map on her web site.

Sounds like a feeble connection to me, but if liberals want to play that game when a pot smoking nut job is involved, perhaps the following could be used to counterbalance it.


Of Targets and Guns — 8 Comments

  1. The DailyKos, an extreme liberal website, also posted a “crosshairs” symbol over a graphic pertaining to Congresswoman Giffords at one point. Their complaint was that she is not liberal enough.

  2. They are called bugs or register bugs. They are used in the printing and graphic arts industry. Nothing to see here. Can we please move on?

  3. I’m sorry – I missed the part where a major Democratic Politician (say a former Vice Presidential Candidate?) had fund-raising posters with specific politicians in the crosshairs? anyone? anyone?

    who on earth except someone very stupid or someone who hopes a nutjob WILL take her advice, would actually run ads with gun crosshairs. really? anyone? A Vice Presidential Candidate for the Republican party, that’s who!

    Sure, you have Daily Kos on the Left and Rush Limbaugh on the right. Find me a democratic politician who has published ads with crosshairs on candidates. Anyone? Anyone? she was your VP candidate, wasn’t she?

    Regarding the generic Obama comment….you can find tons of those from Republicans, who seem to have a non-stop desire to use gun references.

    Now regarding Daily Kos, if you know the facts (or remotely care about the facts) you know that is wasn’t the Daily Kos itself, it was an anonymous blogger. Still completely stupid and horrid and never the right thing to do. ever. There is an apology posted from the blogger.

    And where is Sarah Palin’s apology? You know, a REAL one, admitting that she was a complete and utter moron to ever post that ad?

  4. Liberal loons jumped to the wrong, exteme conclusion saying they were crosshairs of a gun scope.

    If you sight something through a surveyor’s instrument you see the same image.

    It has become a common “here” graphic arts utility.

    Their arguments is why the loon left has so little credibility with a majority of Americans.

    Alex G. is a good example.

  5. Um, “You may want to know…”…… you really think Sarah Palin placed an ad with a SURVEYOR’s image on it? Yes, a Surveyor’s instrument fits really well with her instructions to “Reload”, right?

    You might need to help me out in explaining how “Don’t Retreat ….Reload!” links in with a Surveyor’s Instrument.

    But I know, I know, I’m giving you too much credit. There is a reason why Fox News viewers ranked so low in their knowledge of actual facts. Sorry to challenge your brain quite so much. Go back to Glenn Beck now.

    Surveyor’s Instrument, Reload. Right. Sure. I understand that one of Sarah Palin’s employees is NOW saying they are Surveyor’s Marks. now. never before. So you keep drinking what Sarah Palin is serving. I sure hope she is the Republican Candidate for President in 2012.

    So you then disagree with the fellow Republicans who have Condemned Palin’s use of Gun Crosshairs? they must not have gotten the “surveyor’s instrument” memo, haha

  6. I disagree with everyone that is a loon. I hope Alex never shops at Target. Hypocrite loons!

  7. Alex G is proud of his teleprompter-in-chief who inflames people to bring a gun to a knife fight and have Hispanics punish their enemies.

    In Tuscon, Obama will tell us how we are all one American family and have to unite together and cool down our enthusiam in opposing Democrats’ taking over one sixth of our economy so they can dispense political patronage jobs and crappy Obamacare.

  8. What happened to political moderates? I think they have become extinct

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