Democratic Party’s 67% Income Tax Hike Passes House

The final roll call on Senate Bill 5505. No Republicans voted for the tax hike bill appointed Governor Pat Quinn wanted last year, it did the day he was sworn in.

By  a vote of 60-57, sixty Democrats voted to raise Illinois income taxes by 67% Monday night.

Assuming that Governor Pat Quinn signs the bill that House Speaker Mike Madigan muscled through the lower chamber, Madigan daughter Attorney General Lisa Madigan will be a perfect position to take Quinn out in the 2014 gubernatorial primary election.

As you can see from the roll call found online, none of McHenry County’s state representatives (Mike Tryon, Jack Franks and Mark Beaubien) voted for the bill.

If you paid $1,000 in state income taxes last year, your bill this year will be $1,750.


Democratic Party’s 67% Income Tax Hike Passes House — 3 Comments

  1. if it wasnt voted on by the senate and not signed into law until after that, but the tax rate will change as of Jan 1 2011 11 days before it was voted on by the senate and at the time was not a law how can illinois tax payers be required to pay it for those days 1Jan 2011- the day it is signed into law.

    Wouldnt that make it an Ex-Post Facto law ( because not paying taxes is illegal you could be convicted for it). which would violate the constitution.

    Is there another ammendment or law stating they can require you to pay a higher tax for income paid before there was a law saying the tax rate had changed

  2. The same thing happened in 1991 when Jim Edgar signed the bill to extent the temporary income tax after it had expired on July 1st. It was passed about the 20th or 21st of July, I believe.

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