Dan Duffy Swings Against Democrats’ Tax Hike Bill

State Senator Dan Duffy speaks to the 67% income tax hike bill.

As I turned on the Illinois State Senate’s Debate on Senate Bill 2505, State Senator Dan Duffy was speaking.

I couldn’t keep up with his words, but here are some:

“This is a career changing bill…

“You are pushing the largest tax increase bill in the history of Illinois…

“This is the nuclear bomb of a jobs bill…

“(It will) keep companies out of Illinois for generations…

“You are absolutely not giving them any option but to leave this state..

“They will vote with their feet…

“Now you’re going to give them 67 times more reasons to leave this state.

“(There has been) eight years of reckless spending…”

= = = = =
Above are the notes I took during the debate. Below are Senator Duffy’s notes:

Is It POSSIBLE to JAM any more bills thru a lame duck VETO session?

Dan Duffy during the income tax hike debate.

This is a devastating bill – a HUGE tax increase on Illinois residents and small businesses – A 67% Increase – the LARGEST tax increase in our states history – this is EVEN larger than the proposed GRT – at a time when the Unemployment rate is through the roof and companies are leaving this state in droves! You could not destroy this state any quicker if you actually methodically planned it!

This is a Monumental Bill – A CAREER changing BILL – People will not forget this – they will be paying thru the nose on a daily basis because of it!

And this damaging bill – Created and drafted – from those very people who just, a couple months ago, in this very session cycle, ran for office proclaiming “fiscally responsible” policies – promising to“create jobs” and vote for “pro-jobs bills” Now, few months later –you are PUSHING this TAX INCREASE Bill. Voters do not like to be manipulated.

This is the NUCLEAR bomb of job bills. This will create jobs all
right – In INDIANA and all other surrounding states. THIS TAX
INCREASE WILL KILL ALL THE JOBS that may be left in this state – and keep other companies out of ILLINOIS for decades!

Small Business – 85% S Corp, Recession, Strapped, Pay Roll, and Clients Net 90, Don’t have access to renew Line of Credit, have no access to Bank Loans – to add an additional “ILLINOIS Burden” on Companies will be just too much for them to consider. You are putting small businesses into a NO WIN situation. You are giving people and companies NO other OPTION but to leave this state.

I have talked / emailed HUNDREDS of small businesses owners – They will vote with their feet – leave – and NEVER come back. Once gone, moved their families and hired new employees in other states – they are NEVER coming back.

To be an Illinois business owner – has now become an EMBARRASSMENT.
Business owners find themselves spending time JUSTIFING, to co-workers and peers – WHY they are still located in ILLINOIS with our OUTRAGEOUS ANTI- BUSINESS Environment – and now you are making it 67 times worse.

This Bill – without a doubt – will be the final NAIL in the coffin for ILLINOIS Business.

Eight Years of reckless, runaway spending – no spending cuts of any substance – EVEN DURING A RECESSION – and now you are going to have the citizens of Illinois and Small business pay for your mismanagement of this state.

YOU – everyone who votes for this TAX INCREASE will be responsible – not The SPEAKER, not the PRESIDENT and not the GOVERNOR

YOU represent over 220K – YOU CAN STOP THIS BILL RIGHT NOW – if you vote for this – YOU are responsible for DEVASTATING this state and turning it into a ghost town for generations to come.

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