Jack Franks Schmoozes Republicans after Tax Hike Vote

Jack Franks

The day after Democrats rammed through their 67% income tax hike, newly-elected legislators were sworn in.

The lame duck tax hikers have now returned to the nests.

Not among them was Marengo’s Jack Franks.

He is one of very few Democrats who voted against the tax increase.

Self-preservation comes to mind as a motive.

Also coming to mind is Franks’ inability to influence one other Democrat to join him so that the bill could be defeated.

He did give a speech though.

With so many Democrats probably having taken votes that will result in their defeat in 2012, it is only mildly surprising that Franks did not decide to risk the wrath of fellow Democrats for at least part of the post-taking office parties.

Know where he showed up?

House Republican Leader Tom Cross’ reception for newly-elected Republican House members.


Jack Franks Schmoozes Republicans after Tax Hike Vote — 2 Comments

  1. Tom Cross is so liberal I am sure he lacked the common sense to ask Franks to vamoose!

    You may have heard that for free liquor Franks doesn’t care who he drinks with.

  2. Wow. Jack Franks a right of center democrat votes with the Republicans and he still draws fire from the loony bin.

    BTW I known Jack since well before he ran for the House. I’ve known him to NOT drink to excess and one only need to look within the local Republican Party to find the binge drinkers.

    In fact the GOP’s anointed House Rep that Franks beat the first time he ran; never saw a bottle he didn’t like.

    Be careful whom you cast wrongful aspersions at.

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