Packed House Greets Joe Walsh in Wauconda

The Wauconda Township hosted an overflow crowd at U.S. Representative Joe Walsh's first town hall meeting after assuming office.

8th District Congressman Joe Walsh was greeted by a packed house at his first town hall meeting after he was sworn into office.

A view from the back of the room. This is almost a "Where's Waldo?" photo. The congressman is seen facing the crowd.

Against the backdrop of the Tucson, Arizona, shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Griffords, citizens packed the Wauconda Township Hall last night.

It's a good thing the fire marshall didn't attend.

When he held a pre-swearing in town hall meeting at McHenry West High School, Walsh had told attendees that he was going to hold so many town hall meetings that people would get tired of them.

Another view of the crowd.

At Wauconda, he promised one a week.

As the Daily Herald reported,

“And so help me God, speaking for myself, I will not let one 22-year-old, sick, deranged soul change what I do.”

Congressman Walsh said,

“We had over 250 citizens, and 40 or so were turned away.”


Packed House Greets Joe Walsh in Wauconda — 10 Comments

  1. At least Joe had the common sense to not wave a bird feather at the audience and play the theme from CBS Sports Spectacular with French horns, like they did at the Tuscon memorial service last night.

    And that was before the national anthem was played.

    The White House passed out “Together We Thrive” teeshirts at what they made into a pep rally.

  2. Your commenter should check the facts before spewing rhetoric. The t-shirts were distributed with the event program by the University of Arizona. They were not paid for or distributed by any political body or the White House. Clearly the commenter is not well versed on the Native American cultures in Tucson.

  3. The accidental congressman still can’t address the American Affordable Health Care Act by the right name and won’t gain garner adult respect until does so.

  4. Adult respect for the AmericanAffordable Health Care Act is calling it Obamacare. It was pushed through in a childish manner, wasn’t bipartisan, and was signed without being read which is something we tell our CHILDREN to never do.

    So, as far as I’m concerned, people can call it the Foolish Act as long as it gets repealed and then the flaws are worked out. It has some parts that sound great and they can be put through piece by piece – as long as there is money to pay for each piece and they don’t insult the American People or destroy the country.

    Someone in Washington wanted a giant feather in his cap and his supporters said “Sure!” – no matter what got screwed up or was unaffordable and no matter how it was pushed through. That gave us “Obamacare”….. the “contract” that was signed before it was read so we could later find out what was in it.

  5. As to the T shirts – if they came from the University, what money was used to purchase them and put on the event? If it wasn’t tuition, fees, taxes and there weren’t any fundraisers or massive donations from the staff or the students, and they weren’t sold, what money was used, where did it come from?

    Who made the decision to turn this into a political rally? Who decided that the current president would drift around the large crowd afterward chatting, hugging, posing for photos and smiling, smiling, smiling? When did memorial services turn into events like sports tributes?

  6. Taxpayers thru University funds paid $60,000 for the tee shirts. I am sure the Secret Service and administration knew about them being passed out and being put on the chairs.

    How did they get into the building without the Secret Service knowing?

    I am familiar enough with Native American culture to know that it was inappropriate for Chief Horse Feathers to tell his personal story at a memorial service.

  7. I was surprised and disappointed that Pres. Obama tolerated all the applause at the memorial service in Tucson. He should have put a stop to that in the first minute and asked the audience not to applaud during the remainder of his remarks.

  8. I could not make it to the Walsh’s first “official” town hall meeting. As long as he works on dumping the train wreck, Obamacare mess that’s fine with me. Government control of my health care is not an “American Dream” it’s a nightmare.

  9. I hope he drops no kid left behind also since Bush under funded that also. it is killing our kids education now that they spend more time practing for a test that doesn’t mean anything.

    It was under funded from the beginning.

    Another political thing rammed down our throats by people who don’t care GWB.

    If you are going to continue to bash don’t forget the things your president did while he was in office for 8 years. That he rammed down our throats.

    I hope he works on recinding NAFTA while he’s at it. Bring our jobs back.

  10. Joe Walsh and the Tea Party are nothing more that Shills and Puppets of ALEC, the ACC and the Koch brothers.

    One of many in Congress and State Government Bought , Bribed and Corrupted to advance the agenda of Lower (are you kidding) taxes on the 1% and Corporations, More Corporate Welfare, No Environmental or Wall Street Regulations.

    The Simple minded low IQ constituents are actually brainwashed by Fox News into believing this is good for our Country and Economy.

    See ALEC exposed and Koch Brothers exposed for the true agenda of turning our Democracy into a Plutocracy and destroying the Middle Class.

    We Must Vote out ALL Koch-Wh_res in State and Local Government!

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