Dan Duffy Asks Folks to Email Madigan and Cullerton about Tax Hike

Dan Duffy explained insider deals at a Prairie Grove appearance he called "Springfield 101." He will be at the Algonquin Township Hall for a repeat performance on Saturday afternoon, January 22nd. Perhaps it will be called, "Springfield 101, Version 67."

State Senator Dan Duffy, who spoke forcefully against the Democrats 67% income tax hike bill, has issued the following statement in which he asks people to email House Speaker Mike Madigan and Senate President John Cullerton.

The statement follows:

“In what unfortunately has become ‘typical Illinois politics’ – the Speaker of the House, Mike Madigan, has rammed through the largest tax increase in Illinois history during the final hours of a lame duck session.

“Governor Quinn quickly signed the bill into law.

“Senate Bill 2505 raises the personal income tax rate 67%, from 3 percent to 5 percent.

“The corporate income tax will also go up 45%, from 4.8 percent to 7 percent – giving Illinois the third highest corporate income tax in the nation.

“This is the nuclear bomb of jobs bills,” warned Sen. Dan Duffy, R-Barrington, while debating the bill on the senate floor during the early morning hours.

“If you vote for this bill you are responsible for devastating the state of Illinois.

”I have fought against this bill every step of the way.

“Instead of a tax increase, we must cut wasteful spending, eliminate useless government programs that do not work, freeze all government new spending, reform Medicaid and reform Pension.

“That is the solution.

“At a time when most families and small businesses are CUTTING their budgets and expenses, this 7 billion dollar tax increase locks in spending growth of $5.6 Billion dollars over the next 4 years – a 17 % INCREASE in spending.

“This legislation allows for a 10% increase in spending next year alone – even during a recession.

“At this spending rate the state of Illinois is projected to be right back to an 18 Billion dollar deficit by fiscal year 2016.

“However in 2016 how many companies will there be in Illinois to pay for another tax increase?

Surrounding states are offering incentives to attract Illinois companies.

“The state of Wisconsin has the most publicized offer – No corporate income tax for 2 years for any Illinois company that moves to Wisconsin.

“Please contact our state leaders;

and tell them how you feel about this new tax increase.”

Dan Duffy


Dan Duffy Asks Folks to Email Madigan and Cullerton about Tax Hike — 6 Comments

  1. Dan, did you even propose a different solution? With an impending “junk bond” rating by Moody, did you offer an alternative? NO!…you just sit in exile and isolation on the chamber floors. If there a way to reduce a few dollars of waste in the 26th, let move this guy out of a job. He has done NOTHING.

  2. I think I heard Cullerton explaining the making the pension payment this year would explain the number, but I’m not sure. It was pretty late.

  3. How about NO increase in spending and use all the income tax increase to pay off current bills and reduce debt? (although it may be insufficient for that)

    Won’t income tax increases raise $12 Billion, but spending is going up $17 Billion?

    First step ought to be to knock down those outrageous pensions! We The People cannot afford them, although They The Legislators gave away OUR money. Take it back!

    And rip the pork right out of the greedy paws of all the legislators!

  4. This was a double edged sword for the legislature. Firstly, they spent the money that was originally set aside for the pensions, so now they need to spend income to pay pension liabilities.

    They refused to say no to these social service agencies that are mostly self serving liberal socialist programs that don’t help people, but make people dependent.

    The State was heading to junk bond rating and the next step past that would be bankruptcy. That would be bad for everyone.

    I don’t like the tax increase anymore than the next guy, but; it was quite necessary to avoid a bigger problem. The national new agencies even have commented on how Illinois did the right thing to avoid a bond crisis.

    The state now should end many of the freeloader programs, cuts state government back to 1990’s levels. If you recall, in the 90’s the state road crews were able to plow snow, mow ditches and our state population was nearly the same. Bigger isn’t better. We stood in line to get license plates then and we stand in lines now.

    Combine agencies. Comptroller and Treasurer. Sec of State Police and State Police ( Sec of State Police does nothing now anyway) in fact all law enforcement on the state level should be under the state police. DO like Arizona. Have a Dept of Public Safety and then have Highway Patrol, DOT, License enforcement, conservation police all under one dept and they have divisions.

    ZERO based budget. Why increase by 2%? We already are bloated. Cut 10% each year for the next four years.

  5. We can stop the abuse by removing the school boards from the Districts and reformating them so it is a County School Board.

    Set pay limits for Admin personnel and Salary caps for Teachers.
    Make a pay grid that starts at 30,000 a yr and goes up to 100,000.

    You can even create a slide scale for new hires like we have.
    They start at 75% of full scale and in 4 yrs are at full scale.
    That way the school district isn’t over burdened for higher salaries for new teachers

    We only get so much at our jobs they should too.

    What happens when a company over pays on salary it goes broke, their needs to be a limit.

    This is the only job market that allows this to happen other than sales. Our kids are not sale items.

    Give pay raises for service incentives.( like high grade marks for State tests). this shows the hard work the teacher has done for her students to learn.

    They have shown that they can’t handle this responsibility at the District level no matter who is on the board, you still have corruption by the people on the boards. This is because of Dist 2 Nippersink School Board the two Administrators that get 6% pay raises because they are retiring this year and the rest get 2% pay raises. This is like when Superintendent received 60 sick days because he turned down a 2% pay raise.

    This eliminates the friend end of the equation. Then make them fiscally responsible for their actions if they give gifts than they can be sued. They need to show just cause for the raise.

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