First State Rep. Says She Won’t Raise Taxes, Then She Does, Next She Gets Higher Paying Job

Today the Sun-Times noticed a story the Chciago Tribune ran yesterday.

Here’s what defeated State Rep. Careen Gordon told the Kankakee’s Daily Journal in October:

“At this point now, I can’t ask the people who live in my district for more money until the state of Illinois shows that they are good at money management. I haven’t voted for a tax increase and I have showed I won’t vote for a tax increase until we show that.”

It’s in an article about her appointment to the Illinois Prisoner Review Board after she voted with other lame duck Democrats for the 67% income tax increase.

The post pays $85,886 a year.

This satire of "Little Bill" may or may not be relevant to this story.

Click here to read her explanation.

Gordon has moved from Morris to Chicago.

Anyone want to be that there won’t be more stories like this?


First State Rep. Says She Won’t Raise Taxes, Then She Does, Next She Gets Higher Paying Job — 3 Comments

  1. What did you expect? Is she a Republican……..No. Is she a Tea Partier……No. Well???

  2. Pay to play…and our wonderful Attorney general will fully go after this one. Oh wait, she’s who’s father? Yup, that Conflict of Interest will just make this one get swept under the rug.

  3. the waste in government is tremendous.

    Illegal are signing up for unemployment wages. Human Services are not denying to pay these illegal people, especially those who are pregnant! Mothers without fathers! Babies born without fathers! HOW?

    The state is supporting illegals and the taxpayers are footing the bills. Free medical, freeHospital, freeDoctors, Mothers with infants free (WIGS?) and free food! Free to take away from law abiding citizens.

    McHenry County has a 87% illegal status but no attorney general to stops are investigates Human Services!

    WHY NOT? Wouldn’t you like a job to do nothing ??? and get paid for it! Check with the radio station (72) yesterday!

    This is how government employees WORK!!!!! Now seniors are being depressed and discriminated for their age!

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