Tribune Asks for 4 Years of Booking Photos from McHenry County Jail

McHenry County Jail

Previously reported on McHenry County Blog are these two parts of a comprehensive Freedom of Information request made by Chicago Tribune reporter Joe Hahr to the McHenry County Sheriff’s Department:

Here’s another part of the request:

Electronic copies of all available photos of inmates booked into the jail from Jan. 1, 2007, through Dec. 31, 2010, with the file names including some type of identifier (such as booking number) that would link back to a specific inmate and date of picture being taken.  We understand the images would likely be in some type of image-based format, such as .jpg, .tif, or .pdf.

If the records are provided as part of a linked database, please provide a file layout, or schema, of the provided records, to explain what fields of data are provided, and in what format. (If these photos are kept individually, with file names that label them, there is no need for a file layout.)

More tomorrow.


Tribune Asks for 4 Years of Booking Photos from McHenry County Jail — 6 Comments

  1. Could this be a reason that Nygren has started an internal investigation. The claims that Zane made about 3 yrs ago.

    I know Nygren spends 95% of his time out of state and maybe that is why it took soooo long.

    I am sure a majority of the deputies have done a good job. It only takes a few rotten apples.

    The rotten apples that Zane warned them about.

    He tried to help with correct the problem with some good advice. Ego and vindictive behavior got in the way.

    How much have we paid in settlements because of the rotten apples? See if the SO gives out that info.

    Big bucks went out and more to go.

    More important to vilify Zane and do business as usual.

    This is what we get for being like sheep when we vote.

  2. You KNOW nothing-wild, wide-ranging rants about your lack of actual knowledge is astounding

  3. Vastare, you are absolutley correct. AssSupporter is a moron. This whole thing would have cost nothing 3 years ago. The total cost will probably reach into the millions when this is all over. Nygren’s fault, not Zane’s.

  4. Two weeks ago, EVERYONE thought Nygren had hired Milimann to rub out a Judge, a funeral director, and Gus added himself to that list. Hows that one going for you now?

    FBI investigation not good enough?

    Remember that there’s still the CIA and Interpol and maybe even the World Court?

    Listening to the rants of crazy people should make you think, “Remember the source”.

    You all seem to think Nygren is leaving and going to Florida or cheesehead land anyhow-you want him gone, yet you still want still more money spent to get him out of office, and replace him with a KNOWN lier.

    I willing to be PROVEN wrong. Are you?

  5. Zane has already been proven right on many issues. Go to the Rockford Fed. court to get at the truth. The NWH never does. Just wait, more to come. AZ the FBI policy – do not confirm or deny investigations. That would really be stupid.

  6. Keep digging Tribune, you will find what you are looking for.

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