Jack Franks Runs $207,800 Campaign, $8.86 per Vote

Jack Franks not only spent physical energy in his campaign for 7th term, but also lots of money.

Besides continuing his hallmark door knocking (seven times in his opponent John O’Neill’s McHenry precinct, I’m told), State Rep. Jack Franks spent over $189,000 from last July through December.

By contrast, Republican O’Neill spent $14,177.20.

First the summary.

Franks did not return any more money to big ticket folks (mainly family) who contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to puff up his campaign total for the end of June 2009 report. That was when Franks was seeking to be taken seriously as a possible Democratic Party candidate for Governor.

He has $455,860.13 sitting in Certificates of Deposit and money market funds.

In his campaign bank account there is now an additional $6,749.

With total resources of $462,509 as of January 1st, Franks has far and away the largest campaign in McHenry County.

And, while there is no easy way to compare his PAC total with other people with statewide ambitions, my guess is that he has one of the largest.

During the last six-month period $189,311 was spent.

He raised $174,246, $15,000 less cash than he spent. An additional $18,500 was received in in-kind contributions.

Spending more cash than was raised meant Franks ate into his July 1st checking account balance of $21,813. He had $6,700 in his campaign checking account at the end of 2010.

Republican challenger John O'Neill

Franks beat Republican John O’Neill by a vote of 23,429 to 13,222. That means he got 63.9% of the vote.

It cost the Democrat $8.86 per vote. O’Neill spent $1.15 for each of his votes.

Franks concentrated on his own campaign this time around.

He didn’t spread much cash among colleagues in trouble.

Only $360 in unidentified contributions might have gone to the local Democratic Party effort.

He did contribute $500 to the Illinois Woman’s Institute for Leadership and another $1,000 to “Local 399 PEF.” The address is listed as “500 South Pulaski Rd, Flr 2, Chicago, IL.”

When I checked it out, the entity seems to be Local 399 of the Operating Engineers.

Franks reported receiving a campaign contribution from “Local 399 IUOE.” Same address.

So, it appears Franks made a net contribution of $1,000 to this Operating Engineers local.

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