Video Poker, Liquor, Candy Tax Bye-Bye

Video poker machine in Crystal Lake.

The “revenue” bill that three of five McHenry County state legislators voted for was struck down by an appellate court today for violating the constitutional requirement for bills to be limited to one subject.

A typical gas station in South Dakota.

Those voting for the bill were State Reps. Mike Tryon and Mark Beaubien, plus State Senator Pam Althoff.

Opposing the measure were State Senator Dan Duffy and State Rep. Jack Franks.

So, Illinois has a reprieve of sorts until we have casinos at every gas station and restaurant, as seems to be the case in South Dakota.

And, if the battle for video gambling is to be re-fought, Patriots United is now organized.

You will remember the group managed to convince a small majority (13-10-1) of the McHenry County Board to reject video poker for the unincorporated part of McHenry County.

The liquor tax went down in the same decision.

The candy tax is gone, too.

Commenting on the decision, State Sen. Pam Althoff said,

“An opinion of this magnitude requires careful and detailed review to determine its impact to the state.

Pam Althoff

That process has begun.

We, the Senate Republicans, will be working in concert with the other caucuses of the General Assembly, the Governor’s office and the Attorney General’s office as they review the opinion and the impact on the state’s infrastructure program.”


Video Poker, Liquor, Candy Tax Bye-Bye — 4 Comments

  1. The bill is seen as the Video Poker Bill. tens of millions of dollars has been spent on this program by vendors, distributors, owner operators and manufacturing of the machines.

    Whats the state going to do tell everyone that spend their millions sorry we are screwed up? No they will fix the bill since billions are at stake.

    The State will lose in excess of $500 million dollars a year in revenue from the poker machines only.

    Wertz feels the bill discriminates against the Liquor industry so he sued the bill.
    The overwhelming need for money by the state will resolve this issue and the video poker will be back with new energy within a week a two.

  2. Perhaps you should get the facts about the bill before fear-mongering on your blog. The bill only allows for machines in licensed, liquor pouring establishments. They will not be allowed in gas stations, convenience stores, or grocery stores. In restaurants, they must be sectioned off and out of view of the general public. There is also a limit of 5 machines per location, hardly a “casino”. Most machines will be placed in bars where the clientele must be 21 years of age.

  3. In the gas station pictured there may have 5-10 machines, not appreciably more than in the Illinois law. They were sectioned off, even the one where one could walk to from the local McDonalds.

    The station did not pour liquor, but did sell it, so your point is valid.

    Obviously, you think there is no chance for expansion once this beachhead is established.

    If so, I disagree with your prediction.

  4. What is sad, and the leaders of this state better take notes, listen and open their eyes.

    The state of New Jesery is advertising on Chicago radio stations for Illinois companies to come over to their state because of our states spending wildly, and taxing companies unjustly and making them want to leave.

    Of course the political figures here all have their pensions and insurance paid for by us and we don’t even get a voice in it.

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