Get Concealed Carry Permit on Bus to Illinois Gun Owner Lobby Day March 10th

Gun owners are planning ahead for the March 10th lobby day in Springfield.

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A bus, costing $35, will go from the Fox Lake Police Department, leaving at 6 AM.

This is a bus ride that could be different from any other that you have taken.

A Utah Conceal Weapons Permit instructor will teach the Utah Concealed Carry Weapon Permit on the bus for an additional fee of $65.  The course would be completed on the ride down.

So for $100, a person can get to Springfield and tell one’s legislators that he or she has just finished qualifying for a Utah Concealed Carry permit, pointing out that a whole lot of states recognize it and asking if the legislator wouldn’t like to help make Illinois safer by passing a reciprocity law here.

The contact information is [email protected] or 815-534-GUNS (4867).


Get Concealed Carry Permit on Bus to Illinois Gun Owner Lobby Day March 10th — 6 Comments

  1. Timing just may a little off for this event. I am willing to bet now, CC will be DOA


    This is a yearly event. Just because we have a democratic majority in the Senate and the House doesn’t mean we should give up.

    We need to make sure our voices and opinions are still heard.

    We don’t want to send the message to them that this isn’t an issue for us anymore just because we think it’s DOA.


  3. and the Utah Permit will enable a person to carry in 30 states! This is great for those that leave the state and want to carry!

  4. I’ve read too many stories about people who are allowed to own guns for me to feel safe with these people.

  5. Well Jack Sprat, I’ve read way too many stories of people not being allowed to own guns and end up being victims.

    In 2010.

    30% of the State police force being laid off.

    1700 inmates released early, and the state doesn’t know where they are.

    Who concernes you more, the ones who go to concealed carry classes and have to pass a test?


    The criminals who don’t give a hoot for the laws and carry weapons illegally?

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