Special Olympics Exhibition Skating in Crystal Lake’s Ice House Saturday

Map of the Ice House's location.

A NISRA parent writes to tell folks about a figure skating exhibition Saturday:

The Special Olympic Winter Games in Galena this year were supposed to take place Feb. 1 – Feb. 3, but were cancelled due to the blizzard.

The winter games will not be rescheduled.

So I am trying to spread the word that the Crystal Ice House in Crystal Lake is going to have a Special Olympic Exhibition on this Saturday 2/5/2011 at noon so that the Special Olympic figure skaters can perform their programs.

Their coach and Ice House felt so bad that they were not going to be able to compete after all their hard work they put in this year that they decided they wanted to do something fun for them and have them skate in this exhibition.

So we are trying to get as many fans in the stands to help cheer them on.

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