Abby Moore at the Super Bowl — 7 Comments

  1. It’s great that Abby Moore was there! What an exciting thing to do!!! Congrats to her!

    But I wonder…will her mother skip out on paying her student loans or school bills the way that she has skipped out on paying the township bills? Maybe then she can end up in the jumpsuit she belongs in, complete with numbers instead of a name (Abby’s mom, not her).

  2. I think this story is about Abby, a McHenry County resident who as a young lady has just experienced something most of us will never experience in our lifetime.

    Must have been a great life event and what a nice representation for McHenry County.

    Thanks Abby for sharing your photo!

  3. Not A Grafton Resident says:
    02/07/2011 at 11:03 am

    Why do people have to put a negative spin on everything. Why not just let Abby have her time in the spotlight without all the other stuff?

  4. I believe that I did say congrats to her and that it was a great accomplishment. I completely support her ability to be an excellent student and accomplished band member. Way to go Abby.

    My other comments were because Cal posted this story TWICE because of his obvious affiliation and support of Linda Moore. He hasn’t reported on the lack of action of the Supervisor to pay the township bills which is awfully fishy.

  5. not a grafton resident, I do not believe that for a minute you just do not have the guts to admit it. Now why don’t you go after the real problem, the trustees or are you one of their followers?

  6. RE: Not a Grafton Resident says:
    02/07/2011 at 6:43 pm

    Fishy, I’ll tell you what I think is fishy. I’m not sticking up for anyone here but true or false, what purpose do your additional comments serve in this story?

    Why not act like an adult, just comment on the story and leave her mother out of it all together instead of taking a “cheap shot”? This one is about Abby!

  7. Bill,

    Considering I DON’T live in the dysfunction that is Grafton Township, I don’t side with anyone, nor am I anyone’s followers.

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