Last Minute Valentine’s Day Present

So, you’re in trouble.

This magnificant six-inch crystal bowl has ground indentations that remind me of shapes I used to use a ball pern hammer to decorate copper ashtrays and dishes. The cost in Crystal Lake is about $70. At the State of Illinois Museum stores in Chicago and Springfield, the mark-up doubles the price.

You haven’t gotten your wife or girlfriend something for Valentine’s Day that she would consider extra special.

The 8-inch bowl that will be in the center of the table.

Location of Kurt Strobach's home. Click to enlarge.

May I suggest going to the showroom of Crystal Lake’s (Illinois’) master crystal cuter, Kurt Strobach?

Last night my bride offered a hint.

She said she wanted another 6-inch bowl to put with the one she had now and a larger one on our dining room table, but she wanted a different design.

Guess where my son and I went after school.

Strobach operates out of his home at 855 Teverton, which is at the northeast corner of Coventry near Virginia Street Road and Pyott Road.

Give him a call first at 815-459-7377.

There are more photos here.

And you don’t have to limit the presents to Valentine’s Day.

How about her birthday, Mother’s Day, Christmas, your anniversary?

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