Mother Has Son Arrested after Baseball Bat Attack

A press release from the Crystal Lake Police Department:

Domestic Battery/Aggravated Battery Arrest

Thomas J. Puchmelte

On Tuesday, February 15, 2011, at approximately 4:00 PM the Crystal Lake Police arrested Thomas J. Puchmelter (42) of 169 Sunnyside Ave., Crystal Lake, charging him with

  • Domestic Battery (Class A Misdemeanor) and
  • two counts of Aggravated Battery (Class 4 Felonies).

The subsequent investigation revealed the following in summary:

That in the early morning hours on Tuesday, February 15, 2011 alleged offender (Thomas J. Puchmelter) had requested the victim, his 70 year old mother, take him to the hospital due to chest pains he was experiencing.

While the victim was preparing to take him to the hospital, the offender became verbally and physically confrontational with the victim.

At that time (approximately 4:00 am) the offender grabbed the victim by the arms causing her to fall to the floor.

The offender subsequently returned to his room and the situation deescalated.

Later the same day (approximately 1:30 PM), the victim’s attention was again drawn to the offender when she heard loud noises coming from his bedroom. When she went to investigate she observed the offender striking the wall with a baseball bat.

The victim left the room, went into the living room of the residence and was followed by the offender who remained armed with the wooden baseball bat.

A series of violent acts are alleged to have occurred at that point which include the offender using the bat several times

  • to strike a bookcase near the victim,
  • to strike the victim in her hand while she held a cordless phone,
  • to strike her on the left leg near her knee,
  • to strike the victim on the left side of her neck, and
  • holding the bat on her throat for a short period of time.

Subsequent to the apparent unprovoked attack, the victim fled her residence and came to the police station where she reported the incident in person.

The subsequent police investigation did note that the victim had several minor injuries that were consistent with the account she had provided to police officers.

The victim declined any medical attention regarding the injuries sustained in the attack by her son.

The subsequent investigation culminated in the arrest of the offender just outside of his residence at which time the offender was uncooperative and combative with police.

During the course of attempting to process the offender at the police station, he continued to be noncompliant and aggressive with police and had to be restrained.

He was subsequently transported to the McHenry County Adult Correctional Facility where he currently remains in custody awaiting his first court appearance for bond.

Thomas J. Puchmelter (M/W/42 yoa) lives at 169 Sunnyside Ave, Crystal Lake, IL.

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