Tryon Reacts to Governor’s Budget Message

Here is State Rep. Mike Tryon’s latest message to constituents:


Mike Tryon

Governor Pat Quinn delivered an annual budget address today which includes $8.75 billion in new borrowing and $1.7 billion in new spending for the fiscal year that will begin on July 1.

It was just one month ago when this governor forced upon Illinois families and businesses the largest tax increase in Illinois history.

I was incredibly disappointed to learn today that he is following that up with a budget plan that calls for even more borrowing and even more spending.

He isn’t getting the message of fiscal responsibility through less spending and smaller government.

Instead he is continuing his irresponsible practice of running up a balance on one credit card to pay off another.

According to the budget address, Governor Quinn plans to spend $35.38 billion during the next fiscal year while revenues are only expected to be $33.9 billion.

The unbalanced budget includes a deficit of $1.48 billion

Governor Quinn’s budget proposal assumes that we will borrow nearly $9 billion this fiscal year.

While I believe we must pay our service providers in a timely manner, borrowing this money would cost the taxpayers another $3 billion in interest, thereby adding to the state’s debt.

Illinois needs to live within its means and legislators need to make the required difficult decisions that will allow that to happen.

Just as House Republicans have driven discussions on Medicaid reform, job creation, budget transparency and controlled spending in the past, we will continue driving difficult discussions on budget cuts and pension reform so that the budget can be stabilized.

As your State Representative, I will continue to push for line-by-line reviews of state programs and services so that waste can be eliminated, and I will also continue to push for line item budgeting so that the taxpayers of Illinois can truly know how much money is being spent on what programs.

As always, do not hesitate to call or email me if you have additional questions on this or any other issue. I can be reached at (815) 459-6453 or via e-mail at

Best Regards,

Michael W. Tryon, State Representative, District 64

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