The Saturday Demonstration in Madison

One of McHenry County’s representatives to the Madison demonstration Saturday was kind enough to send me all sorts of photos so you can get a sense off what went on.

First, let’s look at instructions handed out by the union organizers:

"They didn't do too well on their own second point," the person who found this instruction sheet noted.

There were “observers.”

This "Legal Observer" apparently didn't appreciate having her photo taken.

The one above wasn’t wearing yellow, but others were.

One might assume that those on Governor Scott Walker's side didn't know the yellow-shirted folks were on the public employee union's side.

There was official security, however.

Sheriff's deputies were on duty.

Observers were on top of buildings.

Those allied with the TEA (Taxed Enough Already) Party side of the issue were on one side of the State Capitol.

My guess is this was where Tea Party supporters gathered to listen to speeches.

The friend of McHenry County Blog jotted down some notes for me.

Here's what one of the signs supporting Gov. Scott Walker said, "Gov. Walker, he's our man. If he can't do it, nobody can. the 'State," not the 'Unions," decides how taxpayer dollars are spent for the good of 'all' the people of Wisconsin."

“We joined with others supporting Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker in his efforts to restore some order to the State Budget by adjusting policies regarding state funding of contracts for state workers (public employees).

This demonstration was held Saturday. One supporter of the Republican position in Wisconsin pointed out that he could not demonstrate during the week because he had to go to work.

“Beautiful weather with blue skies and lots of sunshine made it a joy to be outdoors after this long, dreary winter even though it was a bit brisk.

The Tea Party attendees seem to be listening to a speech.

“The Tea Party Patriots turned out in large numbers and filled the area at the east side of the Capital Building, with overflow on the sidewalks surrounding the east side of the building.

“Several speakers addressed the crowd, with commentary about

  • the wages and benefits of publicly paid union members,
  • the necessity to curb continued over-indulgence of pay rates and perks since the taxpayers paying those bills are no longer willing to do so.

“Chants of ‘Enough is Enough’ rose from the crowd along with, ‘Pass the Bill.’

Some streets, such as this one near the Walgreens near the Capitol were filled.

“The protesting crowd marched in the streets and on the sidewalks.

Printed union signs were evident.

“Most carried professionally made signs , some carrying names of AFL-CIO, SEIU, Teamsters or Firefighters unions.

McHenry County Blog's eyes on the street wrote this in the email accompanying this handout entitled, "Domestic Assault"--"This is one of the sheets being passed out by the pro-union, pro-teacher groups. Evidently, we should all be viewing the unions as our savior." Click to enlarge this or any other image.

“Of course, the ACLU was also present.

A union supporter carried a sign containing an acronym for TEA PARTY: "Terrified Elderly Anglos Pitching Arian Race Tantrum Y'all." Perhaps you can find some dark faces in the photos I was sent, but it appears that union jobs go primary to white people in the Madison area.

I did see one black fist on a poster, however.

The closest I could come to an African-American in the photos I was sent was the clenched black fist next to a peace symbol on the placard above. I can make out the word "Solidarity." It was behind a yellow "Recall Walker" poster and next to one advocating "Worker Rights" in two languages.

“Many signs carried by protesters were aimed at demeaning Tea Party members, several actually very obscene.

"Bit Me Tea Party," reads one poster in this picture. Another says, "Care about educators like they care about your child."

“We also heard people on both sides of the issue comment on the doctors who were present to give teachers ‘doctors’ notes’ to excuse their absences from the classroom.

The sign you see says, "My teachers are awesome. They don't call in 'SICK'" Another sign reads, "Work Rights Are Civil Rights."

“We understand some local school boards will require a doctor’s note when teachers finally decide to return to their beloved classrooms.

"Don't Sell out the Children," is written on this poster board.

“Almost forgot to mention that the old ‘For the Children routine is still alive and well and being used as a ploy to get us on their side.

"Hurting Teachers Hurts Kids" represents another variation on a theme that is often used in school tax hike referendums. "Really Tommy Walker" is on another. I can make out, "Mr. Walker. You're a bad man" and "Cops for Labor" in the background.

“Several signs were incorporating the ‘For the Children’ routine in various configurations.

"Real Democracy - Letting All Have a Say in Public Servants Compensation" is the message here.

“Signs also use the rationale that the protest is an exercise in democracy and a teaching moment.

A homemade sign reads, "No child left behind requires no teacher left behind. How do we go forward? On Wisconsin!"

“We had conversations with teachers on two separate occasions during the afternoon dealing with their pensions and health care benefits.

This was a popular professionally-printed sign: "Care about teachers. They care about your child." There are two big red hearts on it.

“Both teachers told us that they are also taxpayers so don’t understand why taxpayers should object to their negotiations.

This poster talks of financial concessions made by public employee unions: "Unions made financial concessions. Walker said, 'No.' This is not about $."

“When asked who paid their pensions and health care, we were told that they do

A sign on the Tea Party side of the Capitol: "Tea Party. These colors don't run. We'll Exploit Any Child."

“Neither recognized that the taxpayers actually fund both.

A self-identified University of Wisconsin student carries a sign saying, "Future Teacher, Current UW Student, Former Union Member, I'm a triple threat." To the left is a printed sign reading. "Teabaggers are too stupid to understand that he is screwing you too."

“Also notable was the position that since teachers have degrees they are more worthy of high salaries; this point was highly promoted by

  • a woman claiming to have not one but TWO degrees (who takes taxpayer money as a school social worker) and
  • a man who claimed his wife went to school for an additional 15 years so she could be a research scientist (writing submissions for grants worth millions of dollars – another taxpayer funded enterprise).

"Get Back to Work" can be seen on one sign. I can also see a yellow sign reading "I stand with Walker."

“Both were particularly adamant that those with the degrees should be the ones earning top dollars.

"No deficit spending" and "Support Walker" signs can be seen. Click to enlarge the photo and you can see men on the top of the building with lots of windows.

“I guess the rest of us should just work to give to them and stop complaining.

"Stop the Attack on Wisconsin Families" one printed sign read. Standing next to the man holding it is a women with a placard that says, "Wisconsin Educators - A Voice for Wisconsin's Students and Public Schools."

“Overall, I’d have to say that the whole event was notable for viewing the activities of those who profess to be professionals.”


The Saturday Demonstration in Madison — 13 Comments

  1. The photo of Jack Franks in the below article makes him look like he belongs with his fellow sleazy Democrats in Madison. Part of the I’m entitled to rip off the taxpayers crowd.

  2. Re: This “Legal Observer” apparently didn’t appreciate having her photo taken.

    Then maybe you shouldn’t have (or had someone else) taken her photo let alone publish it on the internet. Way to be respectful!

  3. Cal, you drove to Madison to take pictures of signs? What a life you live on the taxpayers dime.

  4. who takes taxpayer money as a school social worker

    What is this supposed to mean? That she does not ‘work’ for her paycheck?

    Words, Cal, have meaning. Try to use them more precisely in the future. Unless you want to be branded as a numb-skulled right-wing stooge who believes that public employees are just another kind of welfare recipient, which might be your goal.

  5. When a parasite or a cancer attacks a healthy body there isn’t a soul who wants to save either.

    The formerly healthy body of the United States, founded on the principles of self determination, is being attacked by a cancer bleeding our fair nation dry of her life blood.

    The insult to injury is the cancer actually wants sympathy for itself as the body dies and the cancer begins to need more sustenance than the body can provide.

    It is time to cut the cancer out and treat the body with aggressive proactive doses of American Choice in order to make certain this parasitical cancer cannot ever return.

    The intent on both sides is honorable and decent.

    Educate the children in the finest way possible to help keep our nation healthy.

    The approach is the argument and it is time to allow American Ingenuity to find a way to perform this wonderful end in such a way as to cut out the voices of clueless Administrations and money hungry Unions and elevate the Teacher and Parent to their rightful place as the determining factors in a child’s formitive development.

    It is sickening to see the most important three constituencies in the school; the Teacher, the Student and the Parent, being disabused in such callous fashion by groups who couldn’t care less about any of them beyond their exploitable political capital and subsequent monetary value.

  6. Cronkite – Please read the first sentence of the article upon which you commented.

    Rusus – The text in quotes was from the person who took the photos, not me.

  7. Federal employees DO NOT have collective bargaining yet their pay is 40% higher than comparable civilian jobs. The whole idea is to prevent public empoyees from work stopages and bringing the taxpayer funded work to a stop. Schools….ever notice that they always STRIKE after the schools start and put parents and kids in the middle.

  8. @Cal
    The friend of McHenry County Blog jotted down some notes for me.

    Nice friends.

    Workers stroke at a time when their absence will affect management. A summer strike would have no impact.

  9. Cal, I stand corrected.

    You STILL live a nice life on your taxpayer funded $78K per year pension.

  10. Justin, so you think postal workers aren’t “federal” workers and don’t have collective bargaining?

    The Bureau of Labor Statistics classifies postal workers as federal workers.

    Go down to your local P.O. and ask to speak to the union steward.

  11. You can be UNION and not be able to bargain wages. I am pretty sure that Postal Workers DO NOT have collective bargaining for pay or pension issues. The ONLY collective bargaining is working conditions. I beleive all bargaining for pay went out when PATCO went on strike and Ronald Reagan fired them.

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